LIA Global Production Company of the Year AIRBAG launches new Sydney office

ALEXTIZZARDAIRBAG.jpgFollowing the success of being named Global Production Company of the Year at the London International Awards, AIRBAG has established an office in Surry Hills, Sydney, with producer Alex Tizzard (pictured) at the helm.

With over 17 years experience across Australia and London on iconic brands like Guinness, Lexus, Adidas, Nike, Barclays Bank, Jaguar and VW, Tizzard brings a passion for both filmmaking and innovation to the role.
LIA-AIRBAG (1).jpgSays Adrian Bosich, managing partner, "Thanks to a relentless drive to knock work out of the park for our agency partners, and a philosophy of saying "how" instead of "no", AIRBAG has earned a reputation for bringing to life some of the world's most innovative and engaging communications. It's helped us continue to grow, and now with 40% of our work originating from Sydney, it feels like the right time to set up a more permanent home here. We're excited to be working more closely with the creative industry in Sydney, and to welcome Alex on board to lead the charge."

Says Martin Box: "I've been working closely with Alex for a while and have been impressed with his friendly, forthright manner and intuitive understanding of the business. His ability to balance creative opportunity with pragmatism is invaluable, and importantly he's a great cultural fit. There's no doubt his experience will be instrumental in helping AIRBAG move into its next phase."

Says Tizzard: "I'm really excited to join the talented and forward thinking group of creative people at AIRBAG, and can't wait to get started. I've always enjoyed pitting my wits against the range of challenges I encounter on every project I work on, so I'm looking forward to helping the team here to continue to push boundaries and create unique, award winning work."

Notable work from AIRBAG across both Film and Tech/Activations includes the interactive 'Meet Graham' (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne), 'Made Possible by Melbourne' (McCann Melbourne), and the Marriage Equality film which aired during the finale of The Bachelor, (Leo Burnett Melbourne). With an ambition to bring to life whatever people can think up, AIRBAG brings a truly non-traditional production offering to Sydney.

AIRBAG Sydney is officially open for briefs or just a beer and a chat, so get in touch.


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Redgreg said:

Well done Alex... you bloody legend!

So good said:

Great news! Great company. Great roster. Happy to have you guys here!

Holty said:

Nice one Alex!

Great opportunity and well deserved, you’ll be awesome.

Dtrain said:

Congrats good move pal!

Dave would said:

Smart. Tizzard is one of the best.

PD said:

So good to see your steady growth, Ady. Always knew you’d smash it.

Slacks said:

Onya Tizzy you salty sea dog!

LG said:

Great work Tizzard!

you would think with such gushing praise said:

that they were opening an office in New York or London...

Nick said:

Nice work Real Tizzler! Top Man.

Rua said:

Go Alex! Bloody legend.

Guilty Burns said:

I'm feeling guilty that I'm so so jealous.

harry dhillon said:

top cricket man, thumps up for Mr Tizzard

Rog and Jan said:

Congratulations Alex xx

RAF said:

Well done Alex and your support team manager M. Smashing the herring off Lulworth was certainly a great grounding for your future creative career. Dad would be so proud of you.

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