Kiku Ohe joins Rabbit's roster of directors

Kiku_Bio-Pic_3.jpgAward winning commercials director Kiku Ohe has joined Rabbit's roster of directors.

Ohe's work is internationally known for his sophisticated aesthetic choices and his unique way of seeing the world. Cinematically, Ohe often explores the line between the everyday and surreal and has a unique ability to subtly reveal a deeper, almost sub-conscious thread within the narratives he crafts. However, always at the heart of his work is an authenticity and a genuine human connection with whatever subject matter he is working with.
Some of Ohe's recent work includes his highly awarded Anchor campaign for Colenso BBDO, then collaborating again with the Colenso team on his contemplative campaign for House of Travel, a film based on fragments of memories from a series of real people's holidays. Shot in Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand, the film's meditative approach achieved through Ohe's purposeful and effective slowing down of time, weaves a subliminal narrative of the individual's travel memories. Both campaigns earned him director craft awards at AWARD.

Most recently Ohe has been working with Emmy award winning agency JohnXHannes New York, with a campaign for the outdoor apparel brand Merrell. Shot in Vancouver, the film is a 7 minute dialogue driven piece that follows three siblings on a journey into the wild, set out by their late father. Cleverly as the film progresses the narrative evolves from a story of a broken family dynamic into a profound and timely message of how nature and freedom can play a powerful role in our complex and busy modern lives.

2017 also saw Ohe release his debut feature film The Lines. Shot across the US over thirty days, the immersive film follows the story of two actors who escape LA for the desert in search of a deeper truth. The Lines is currently on the festival circuit and was awarded Best Narrative Feature Film at New York Film Week. The film will screen in Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

Says Alex Hay, co-EP of Rabbit: "Kiku is known for crafting stunning visuals with a huge amount of depth and emotion. There is such control and nuance to his work and he manages to create truly unique work that stays with you. We are incredibly excited to have such a huge talent on board."

Rabbit will represent Ohe in Australia and New Zealand and he is repped by Superprime in the US.

To see Kiku Ohe's work, click here.


Joe J said:

Big ups Kiku. Huge win for Rabbit - congratulations.

Shane said:

Nice one buddy. Catch you next time you're in NZ.

skip w said:

Awesome director. Nice work mate

Jess said:

A lovely guy and a great director, well done

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