Leo Burnett Melbourne appoints Chris Jovanov, Jess Lilley, Jim Walsh and Daniel Pizzato to CDs

L to R - Chris Jovanov, Daniel Pizzato, Jess Lilley, Jim Walsh.jpgLeo Burnett Melbourne has announced a new line-up in its creative department with the appointment of four new creative directors - deepening the agency's core offering as a creative solutions company. Chris Jovanov, Jess Lilley, Jim Walsh and Daniel Pizzato join with a deep and diverse range of digital, creative and design experience.

As digital creative director, Jovanov will continue to evolve Leo Burnett Melbourne's substantial digital offering - following the success of major projects like Reword that anchor technology in human behaviour. His background includes leadership roles at R/GA New York, AKQA Melbourne and Clemenger BBDO.
Says Jovanov: "It's great to be joining a genuinely nice, open and talented crew that understand how creativity and tech can positively engage with, and influence, our culture and behaviour."

Creative duo Jess Lilley and Jim Walsh will head up a range of brands, with a focus on driving Leo Burnett Melbourne's world class creative product. Most recently creative directors at J. Walter Thompson Melbourne, the move represents a coming home of sorts for Walsh, who enjoyed three years at Leo Burnett Sydney before heading to Colenso BBDO in 2013 and settling in Melbourne three years later. Lilley spent eight years in London working for independent agencies, including Naked, Profero and This is BD, before returning to Melbourne in 2013. She has since worked at Clemenger BBDO and JWT.

Says Walsh and Lilley: "We're happy to be joining an agency with such strong leadership and a genuine drive and enthusiasm to create brilliant work."

Adds Lilley: "I'm personally impressed that the creative department is 50% very talented women - still a rarity in agency world and a reflection on Leo's commitment to equality and diversity."

Pizzato has been promoted within Leo Burnett Melbourne. He is teamed with existing creative director, Michelle Walsh, to leverage his design, fashion and conceptual creative experience across major clients. Before Leo's, Pizzato spent five years at TBWA where he was one of the creatives behind ANZ's GAYTM campaign. Previously, Pizzato worked in luxury fashion in Europe with iconic brands such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen and London Fashion Week. Pizzato's focus at Leo Burnett is to help build the global LBD (Leo Burnett Design) offering.

Says Pizzato: "Design thinking and innovation need to drive everything we do. So it's exciting to be working with such a great team to expand our design footprint even further."

Says Jason Williams, CCO, Leo Burnett Australia: "We're excited about these four appointments. We've been building our offering as a creative solutions company in both Melbourne and Sydney for some time, and each of these four will bring fresh energy and firepower."

(Pictured L-R: Chris Jovanov, Daniel Pizzato, Jess Lilley, Jim Walsh)


SheVolution said:

Before: 4 white guys

Now: 3 white guys & 1 white woman


@sheVolution said:

One of them isn't white.
And who are you to assign their genders?

Well done everyone. Ignore the bigot.

@ SheVolution said:

Get fucked.

Huge congrats to all. I only know Daniel out of the 4, but if he's any sort of yardstick then it's really well deserved.

Fan said:

Congrats Daniel! Much deserved.

Congrats but... said:

Im sure these people are very talented but.....CD's CD's CD's CD's
The more you have the more meaningless the title becomes.

@congrats but... said said:

I'm with you.
More CD's than the bargain bin at Vinnes.
Ultimately, they are being CD'd by the ECD who is being CD'd by the CCO.
What a nonsense.

Look out said:

I've worked with both Daniel and Mich. Dream team right there.

Hell yeah! said:

Congrats, Daniel! One of the best and brightest. Sending love from afar.

President and CEO of the Jess and Jim Fan Club said:

Congratulations you brilliant, beautful people. Leo's are a lucky bunch.

Philip Taffs said:

It’s “CDs” not “CD’s”.
Like it’s 1990s not 1990’s...not at all possessive.

Maybe you’re (not “your”) an art director?

But you make a good point.
They have more CDs than a second hand record shop.

pokamouse said:

@ SheVolution
Can you chill out girlfriend? Really no need to be so damn aggressive.

I know Jim said:

I love you Jim!

Lol said:


This is why no one takes lefties seriously.

Onya said:

Nice one CJ, they're lucky to have you.

Grant said:

Good hires - Jess Lilley is a star!

Ricci said:

Brilliant News Daniel. Well done Leo’s..

Labinot Baraliu said:

Congrats Chris!

Monica said:

Well done Chris! You are a star!

Beyonce Knowles said:

Can’t wait for the next Avengers movie

DK said:

Congrats Daniel! Well deserved!

Phil said:

Not bad for a Paddy.

CG said:

Cracking CJ!

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