Mission Australia highlights family homelessness and domestic violence in new work via MindJam

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.19.52 am.jpgMission Australia's has launched a new winter campaign, developed by creative agency MindJam and media agency Customedia, that highlights the true and emotional story of a mother and her eight-year-old son fleeing their family home to escape domestic violence to urge the community to donate to help support families experiencing homelessness.
The campaign tells the story of 33-year-old Heather* and her eight-year-old son Lucas* who had fled their home a number of times to escape Heather's violent husband, Chris*. Heather had felt sorry for Chris and didn't want to break up her family. She also had no other safe place to go. So the mother and son returned home - time and time again.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.20.01 am.jpgBut last winter, Chris was more out of control than usual and Heather was concerned for Lucas' and her own safety. So she made the brave decision to leave. This time, Heather was prepared because she had been meeting with a domestic violence specialist from Mission Australia. Together they had developed a safety plan should they everScreen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.20.18 am.jpg find themselves in danger again.
After leaving the house, Heather met with her Mission Australia case worker, Fiona who arranged for them to stay in a safe house out of town. During their time at the safe house, Fiona helped them apply for, and secure, housing. Mission Australia helped them move in and supplied furniture and other items they needed to get started in their new home.
The appeal depicts distressed images of young Lucas, while his mother is shown frantically packing bags to leave the house. The campaign calls for viewers to "Please donate today" because "Families escaping domestic violence and homelessness need your help".
Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness in Australia with more than 114,000 people seeking help from specialist homelessness services in the past year because they were escaping domestic violence. More than 116,000 Australians are experiencing homelessness on any given night, and for many like Heather and Lucas, it's the only option when home is no longer a safe place to be.
Mission Australia's general manager, fundraising and marketing, Elvira Lodewick said the campaign highlights the difficulties and stress experienced by families escaping domestic violence and experiencing homelessness as well as the importance of donating to support families in need this winter.
Says Lodewick: "No one should be forced to stay in a violent home to keep a roof over their child's head. Yet, we know that there are thousands of Australian families and young children who have been pushed into homelessness because their home is no longer a safe place to live. With the generous support of donors, Mission Australia can continue to help vulnerable families like Heather's to find a safe place to call home when crisis hits and a caring professional to help them regain their independence."
Launched on 15 April, the campaign includes a direct mail appeal and is set to run on television, outdoor, press, radio and digital advertisements until 30 June 2018.
Mission Australia is one of Australia's largest not for profit organisations with more than 155 years of practical and proven experience in working with Australians in need. The organisation invests in housing, services and programs to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities, walking beside people and families until they can stand on their own.
Link will be live with new campaign from Sunday 15 April: http://missionaustralia.com.au/helpthiswinter.
*Names changed to protect the identity of the people Mission Australia helps.

Client: Mission Australia
Elvira Lodewick - General Manager Fundraising and Marketing
Phil Chapman - Senior Manager Communications
Nicole Moore - Senior Manager Marketing
Alexandra Jackson - Marketing & Communications Manager
Michele Wood - Designer
Creative agency: MindJam
Stuart Hipwell - Creative Director
Kate Halpin - Director
Luke Hill - Executive Producer & Account Director
Felicia Asplet - Producer
Kevin Holloway - Cinematographer
Erfan Khadem - Offline
Matt Fezz - Online
Kathleen Burrows, Noise International - Sound
James Green - Stills Photographer
Noel Myaing - Art Director
Lucy Fuggle - Production Assistant
Media agency: Customedia
Toby Roderick - Strategist
Melissa Osborn - Account Manager


peter morris said:

I have just viewed the mission Australia ad purporting to portray a "domestic violence victim". The misandry on display is appalling The father (male) is shown playing the tired old monster role with the mother (female) playing the victim role. She is then shown taking the child from the family home and warm bed and forcing the child to endure a night in a car. This shameful one-sided view has clearly been put together by the man hating left leaning Marxist inspired femi-lesbian bores and their cuckold male soft cocked comrades. I truly hope you people get no donations from this weak, rude and hurtful campaign. I cant help but think , what disgusting traitorous behaviour has this woman foisted on her partner that has made such a sweet guy turn so mean ? There are two sides to every story but this clearly shows you people for the dangerous and incompassionate haters that you are. No money from me I'm afraid. Men are kind thoughtful, gentle, generous, honest, ethical and a commodity everyone, including yourselves should be grateful. The damage you now do will, one day, come back to haunt you. PETER MORRIS

Yawn said:

Same old crap from Mission Australia. Isn't this cut and paste getting a little tired now? use your imagination and come back with something different for once in your life.

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