Qantas unveils new 'I've Been Everywhere' advertising campaign via Clemenger BBDO Sydney showcasing Australians' love of travel

Qantas has unveiled a new advertising campaign via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney that taps into Australians' love of travel and which highlights the airline's extensive international and domestic network.
Running across broadcast, digital, outdoor and social media from the 29 April 2018, the series shows Australian travellers enjoying the experiences on offer in countries that Qantas operates to, including surfing in Waikiki, hiking in Yosemite, strolling through the historic streets of Kyoto and going on safari in South Africa. Experiences in Australia are also featured such as watching the sunset at Uluru.
Twelve destinations are included in the campaign, inspiring Australian travellers to explore the world in different ways.

Horizintal japan .jpgHorizontal Hawaii.jpgHorizontal SA.jpg
The tagline, 'no one travels like Australians - and no one takes us to the world like Qantas,' accompanies the campaign, with a reinvented version of Geoff Mack's 1959 'I've Been Everywhere,' recorded by Australian musician Lisa Mitchell underscoring the broadcast films.
Qantas together with its airline partners flies to over 1,000 destinations including 150 destinations across North America, 40 European cities, 50 Asia destinations and over 60 Australian destinations.
Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Coulson
Managing Director: Emily Perrett
Head of Planning: Rob Dougan
Creative Director: Ben Clare
Art Director: Elaine Li
Head of Production: Denise McKeon
Senior Account Director: Melanie Spence
Account Manager: Katie Scrutton
Director: Chris Searl
DoP: Tim Tregoning
Producer: Maree Mitchell
Editor: Alex Guterres
Grade: Christina Trodd
Senior Online Editor: Jess Morgan
Sound: Robbie Balatincz
Sound: Daniel Denholm
Artist: Lisa Mitchell
Media Agency: OMD
Business Director: Dorothee Gomez 
Account Director: Amy Cummings
Trading Director: Anastasia Nicholas
Account Manager: Christian Bendelack


Gallileo said:

There's a glimmer of an idea in this choice of song. If you use a telescope you can just see it.

Monkeys said:

I thought we did Qantas's ads??

Ad spy said:

Clems Sydney won it in a 3 way pitch in January.

Nothing to see here said:

that is really ordinary, clems sydney really is battling

Fair assesment said:

It's not going to both judges at Cannes, true. But it's the first Qantas ad in ages that makes me want to go somewhere, not just come home. Feels on brand. Nice tempo, nice pics. Nice job overall.

@nothing to see said:

They've just picked up Qantas, by most standards that's not battling.

Stock footage said:

Clearly Coulson has lost his touch.

Dicko said:

Ignore the haters. It's bang on brand and the punters will love it.

I’ve worked everywhere man said:

And I think this is a lovely spot to be proud of. Qantas rarely makes work with too much depth, it’s all about emotion. And this delivers it in spades.

Neck scar said:

Tassie police did the same thing with this song a few months ago as part of a road blitz at Christmas, although they didn't slow it down and have it sung by a sad whimsical hispter.

Might not be the greatest ad in the world, but at least the idea and use of the song makes sense.

Ted said:

NRMA, Qantas. Choose a song around your messaging and have someone else sing it for you.

I've been to paradise said:

but I've never been to meeee....

Mile high club said:

Who's that hottie in the far seat on the plane please?

hmmmmmm said:

BWM used this song for the Telstra broadband campaign with the Kombi titled 'I've been everywhere'. Also Optus used that exact shot of Venice Beach in their Penguin ad.

Dangerous Dave said:

Beautiful pictures. Well done Hollywood and team.

Jet said:

Feels like Qantas to me. Well done Clems Sydney (don't often say that).

Den said:

Please stop f$%^@#& up these great songs with the same dull ,generic sound -a -like singers.It's a travesty.

Good strategy said:

If you've got nothing to say, sing it.

I love the track said:

This recording is by Lisa Mitchell, one of Australia's best new talents, she is fantastic. I think her interpretation of this old song makes the ad, it's beautiful and super catchy. Just my thoughts, sure the trolls here know better.

A great song? said:

This wasn't a Bowie song, I'd say this version is heaps better the original. Screwing a famous Hunters and Collectors song ain't much fun (NRMA), but this one works a treat and sounds beautiful. Good pics also, not too forced or OTT.

@I love the track said:

Lisa Mitchell appeared on Australian Idol in 2006. She ain't so new.

Dylan said:

It's not about Lisa Mitchell's vioice it's about the arrangement.Somebody has said -hey this song fits the brief-and somebody has countered with -yeah but it's really daggy and too old and too country.So they have redone it horribly.It is a rollicking C&W singalong ditty that was never intended to be 'beautiful'.There seems to be an overwhelming desire to do beige versions of great Aussie songs.Look no further than NRMA.

Truth said:

Best Qantas spot in many years, good to see them back in form!

Bigroundhackoffthetop said:

Why is Ronnie Blakey in this spot????

pugwash said:


@bigroundhackoffthetop said:

Because Hollywood was the director.
Jobs for mates.

Getty said:

Thansk for using all our stock footage
Getty Images x

Mr Average. said:

Where are we at as creative industry when we laud very average work like this?It's okay,seen worse ..but let's keep things in perspective.It's an old song,with nice pictures for a client that's been doing this sort of stuff for decades.

I liked it said:

Made me want to travel, which is it's job. Didn't oversell, which most ads do. And the song is a very good choice for Qantas (who always choose their music well). Sure it's not changing advertising forever, but its a quality job for a blue chip client. Most agencies would love to have it on their reel.


I enjoyed your lates commercial and the lovely lady singers voice - very very pleasant
John in Dianella Western Australia@ijk

John Gough said:

No one has mentioned that this song is OLD -- nearly as old as me! It is the novelty patter song which was written by Australian country singer Geoff Mack in 1959, and made popular by Lucky Starr in 1962. It has been covered, since then, many times, with different place-name words, by many others, including wicked Rolf Harris, and Johnny Cash.

Steven said:

It's bloody awful and Lisa Mitchell can't sing. She's talentless.

Duck said:

Song Inspiration Priscilla ahn I have a dream??

Lee said:

I worked at that agency for over 20 years and was always proud of the work we did.
Not now l am sorry to say.That really annoying version of "l've been everywhere"is so disappointing -just turns you off! Same boring predictable creative.Really sad.
How could you possibly compare this to Peter Allen - l still call Australia home"

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