Solo shows how modern men get their thirst in new 'Solo Men' campaign via TBWA\Melbourne

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.29.06 am.jpgIconic Australian soft drink brand SOLO has launched its first brand campaign in two years. The campaign developed by TBWA\Melbourne and Carat, showcases how modern men get their thirst.

The much-loved Australian brand became famous for its 70s and 80s advertising where the now iconic SOLO Man tackled extreme activities in order to work up a sweat. Today's work, 'A Thirst Worthy Effort', offers a new take on what it means to be a SOLO Man in 2018 - with men doing things like arc-welding costumes for a school play and constructing Swedish furniture.

Solo_ThirstWorthy_FlatPackDude_Portrait_preview.jpgSays Lisa Saunders, general manager of marketing, Schweppes: "Modern masculinity takes many shapes and forms, and our new SOLO Man exemplifies exactly that."

The campaign, which features outdoor, print, and AV for online and social, will run for six weeks.

Client: Schweppes Australia
Agency: TBWA\Melbourne
Media: Carat (Media)
Production Company: Guilty Content
Photography: Coco Productions
Solo_ThirstWorthy_MoshPitMan_Portrait_preview.jpg Solo_ThirstWorthy_CricketDive_Landscape_preview.jpeg


*sigh* said:

"AV for online and social"

Leandro said:

Nice. I like the insight, and the execution is just the right kind of funny. Where the credits at?

Vinny said:

I'd have been a lot happier if they'd bought back the originals.Great reworking of the old soundtrack but doesn't work with the poncy images.

nice said:

awesome reinvention of a classic - love it - could have had a bit more 'spillage' as he skulls dribbling down the chin.

funny said:

Insight: Guys are now shit.

FemiNazi said:

Re-branded for the cuck generation

sad reality said:

Product is in perennial, mass decline. This will not save it.

Commissioner Gordon said:


What a travesty.

Completely misunderstands the heritage of the brand.

Robbo said:

Portray a man a incompetent. Pushing the modern man agenda. Marketers now scared of genuine masculinity. Pathetic.

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