A year after co-founding Sydney agency Ugly creative partner Gary McCreadie departs

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A year after co-founding Ugly ~ partly funded by M&C Saatchi ~ creative partner Gary McCreadie has left to pursue another opportunity ~ yet to be revealed.

Before the launch of Ugly in April 2017, McCreadie was executive creative director of TBWA\Sydney, joining in September 2014 from BBH London with creative partner Wesley Hawes.

Ugly was founded by McCreadie, Anomaly Amsterdam founding partner and CEO, Hazelle Klønhammer and Ross Berthinussen, ex-head of strategy at M&C Saatchi, Sydney.


Dont know but wonder why said:

Why don't people stick at things
Sometimes a bad job can turn into a good one...if you just stick it out.

People are taking roles...then promptly leaving them.

I think it looks bad for the person more than the agency.

But hey

Interesting said:

Heard he is moving into the Rocks area.......

Yep said:

I agree.12 months?It's a start up.F%!# mate show a bit of fortitude.and some loyalty to your two partners.

M&C Finance Dept said:

We paid a salary for a year for what exactly? Can we please have our money back?

M&C Finance Dept

WTF said:

More to this than meets the eye....starting up your own shop, strong respected partners, backed by M&C, couple of signature clients.....what happened?

@Interesting said:

That’s interesting. We’ve heard there’s someone at the Rocks that may not be for that much longer....

@@interesting said:

You're talking about someone's livelihood like it's a spectator sport.
Have some respect, you gossipy little queens.

Looks like it got.... said:


@@@Interesting said:

I’m not sure we’re all on same page. But not for nothing there’s always whispers and when a big name walks away from a golden M&C ticket, they must have something decent in the pipeline...

Pete said:

Piss weak.

Buffet said:

The Legget has killed Mark, Ugly, Lida, Make and the main agency. And let's not get started on Tricky.

Follow back? said:

I don't know Leggett from Adam, but you can tell a lot about a man by the number of times he follows and unfollows you on Twitter. Anyway, good luck, Gaz!

@Followback said:

He’s a wannabe venture capitalist who kills creative culture.

@Followback said said:

So True! The only thing Jaimes is great at creating is smoke & mirrors.

Balance said:

Think you'll find that the three Ugly folk approached Jaimes Legget for support and financial backing.Now that mc Creadie wants out after a year should not reflect badly on Legget.He hasn't pulled the plug.

@Balance said:

Anyone with real cahonies always backs themselves

True said:

I agree with @followback. M&C is now a raft of separate companies and a culture driven completely by profit. He is a tryhard ventures manager.

Bean said:

Start ups are very hard.They take a great deal of stamina and resilience especially from the creative partner.

@balance said:

Um, no, you're wrong. It was setup to handle conflicting clients and smaller brands to the behemoths the main agency were consumed by.

M&C on the blog again? said:

Covering their revolving door of staff with trying to throw shade at the person leaving. Its pretty ugly indeed.

Ben S-G said:

Wow, pretty hard and harsh in the Southern Hem!

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