Melbourne's top CDs and production company producers enjoy the Campaign Brief Melbourne Legendary Lunch sponsored by LIA Awards

33178114_10157916998104848_8546489022116003840_n.jpgIn the lead-up to the AWARD Awards the CB/LIA Melbourne Legendary Lunch is currently underway at Pure South Dining in Southbank.

lia_logo-web.jpgThe invitation-only lunch - attended by Melbourne's top creative directors and creative teams and production company executive producers - was generously sponsored by New York-based Barbara Levy,  president of the London International Awards who is visiting Melbourne and Sydney to catch up with top creative directors and to attend the AWARD Awards in Sydney.

The Melbourne After Lunch Party is sponsored by Exit Films, Alt.vfx and ARC Edit.


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A question said:

I'm wondering if any of your guests can confirm a story I recently heard about a Melbourne ECD who took his creative leaders away for a meeting and made them all take a suit.

The reason? Because he re-enacted a presidential 'walk and talk' (from West Wing). Even to the extent that he hired actors as personnel to keep running up to him and get him to sign stuff while referring to him as Mr President.

Is there any truth in that???

I wish said:

Please let this outlandish rumour be confirmed as fact.

@I Wish said:

I believe I have had it confirmed.

Apparently he also had people running up to him with 'documents' to sign as he was walking.

What I can't understand is why?

Agency starts with T ends with A

Missing you all! I’ll sponsor the Melbourne lunch if you can get here. Rygby World Cup?

I need more... said:

More please...

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