Caltex turns into Cahilltex to mark Tim Cahill / World Cup partnership via TLA Worldwide

Cahilltex 2 (1).jpgCaltex Australia will transform in to Cahilltex to mark its new partnership with Australia's greatest footballer Tim Cahill ahead of the World Cup next month. Campaign ideation and launch execution was developed and executed by TLA Worldwide, The Zoo Republic and Dashing.

Announced today, the world-first tribute will see five of Caltex's marquee sites across the country given a makeover in honour of the striker, remaining as Cahilltex during May and June.
The partnership with Cahill compliments Caltex Australia's naming-rights partnership with the Socceroos, as well as its broader partnership with the Westfield Matildas and junior national teams.

Today's announcement follows news this morning that Cahill is on track to be selected once again to play for Australia's national team next month, in what will be his fourth-consecutive World Cup campaign.

Speaking from New York, Cahill said he was humbled Caltex Australia has adopted his namesake across its stores to mark his new partnership with the fuel supplier.

Says Cahill: "We're heading into the biggest competition in our sport - and there is nothing better than having an all-Aussie company and the rest of the country right behind our squad.

"I am lucky to have had several defining moments across previous FIFA World Cup campaigns, and I'm looking forward to giving it my all to create more special memories in Russia this year."

Football Federation Australia chief executive David Gallop was on hand to unveil Sydney's CAHILLTEX site in North Ryde today, alongside 2018 Socceroos squad members Jackson Irvine and Josh Brillante.

Socceroos legend Archie Thompson and Westfield Matilda Lisa De Vanna were also present at today's reveal.

Says Richard Pearson, executive general manager - convenience retail, Caltex Australia: "Transforming into Cahilltex for a couple of months shows our support for the Caltex Socceroos during the World Cup. These sites are one of the ways we will celebrate our new partnership with Australia's greatest ever footballer, Tim Cahill.

"Along with many Australians who are big fans of the Caltex Socceroos, we will follow Tim and the team's efforts closely, in my case wearing a Fansie!"

In addition to its new look at five Caltex sites across Australia, Caltex will continue to fuel Aussie fans' support of the Socceroos through its Fansie - an exclusive 2018 Socceroos branded onesie.

Set to be the comfiest piece of kit to wear while watching the matches this winter, the Fansie is the must-have item for Caltex Socceroos fans and sporting fans alike this year.

There will be 5000 Fansies to be won by Caltex Socceroos fans in the lead-up to Russia.

Head to for competition details.

A range of Caltex Socceroos merchandise will also be available in over 600 Caltex sites nationwide.

Caltex has been the naming rights partner of the Caltex Socceroos since 2016.


No said:

World first? Really? Absolute dribble that makes no sense.

Copy Desk said:


It's drivel. Can we all get on board with this? Dribble is for basketball and babies. Drivel is what you're after. Pop down to Dymocks, grab yourself a dictionary. It's right there. Somewhere between d'oh and dunce. I rarely comment on spelling. But drivel makes the heat rise in my chest.

@No said:

Maybe the commenter was referring to Tim Cahilltex's dribbling skills.

@@no said:

Thank you for the correction.

This is drivel.

what a load said:

of masturbation

Hot said:

There is nothing sexier than correcting other people's spelling and grammar. Keep up the good work.

Meh said:

Even the comments are mediocre.

AF said:

Over the years, sports marketers have achieved remarkable things.

They've shown us that impossible is nothing.

They've built entire running tracks shaped like trainers, where runners can compete against LED images of themselves.

They've even allowed people to feel exactly what it's like inside a ball kicked by a Liverpool striker.

But none of these compare to what we've achieved in Australia.

In a remarkable act of brand synergy, a notable player now shares his name with a petrol station.

It's an brazen act, made even more unique by the fact that petrol stations share absolutely no similarities to football players whatsoever.

It once again puts Australian advertising on top of the world.

Gary Hocking said:


The Spelling and Grammar Police said:

@Copy Desk:

Good to see we're not the only pedants on here.

Keep up the good work.

DK said:

It's clever.
It's fun.
It's pretty brave (how many clients do you know who would allow you to mess with the brand name?)
It promotes the company's sponsorship of football, during the biggest sporting event in the world, when millions of Aussies will be following the fortunes of the Socceroos.
It uses the one Socceroos player who is a household name in Australia.

Caltex 1. Haters 0.

The only caveat to that is that there was quite a bit of doubt over whether Cahill would even make the team, given that he's played a handful of minutes all season. You'd assume this campaign was a few months in the making, which would then lead you to assume Football Federation Australia would have had to give assurances to the major sponsor of the Caltex Socceroos, that Cahill would indeed be in the team for Russia.

If true, that's not a great look for FFA.

baz said:

A petrol station dude. A petrol station.

@DK said:

Are you trying to save your marketing job?

This is both dribble and drivel, the most unremarkable kind-of-pun ever and embarrassingly unclever. I dont give a fuck if unclever is not a word. Neither is Cahilltex.

Tim – try selling soccer and stop selling literally everything else with a dollar sign FFS.

Zoo keeper said:

What an atrocious car wreck of a campaign.

The agency should be give them self an upper cut for presenting this tripe and the Caltex marketing goon who signed off on this campaign should just leave the marketing industry right now. I said now god dam it.

Cahilltex. Really??

Jesus wept.

Zoo keeper said:

What an atrocious car wreck of a campaign.

The agency should be give them self an upper cut for presenting this tripe and the Caltex marketing goon who signed off on this campaign should just leave the marketing industry right now. I said now god dam it.

Cahilltex. Really??

Jesus wept.

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