Holden launches new campaign via Lacuna Agency with Network Ten + MasterChef Australia

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.22.52 pm.jpgHolden has joined forces with Network Ten and MasterChef Australia with an integrated campaign led by specialist, Lacuna Agency.

Holden Equinox is partnering with the tenth season of MasterChef Australia in 2018. Led by partnerships specialists at Lacuna Agency, this holistic campaign will include activity spanning in-show integration, a consumer promotion, bespoke content, digital and an experiential activation.

The campaign kicks off with a consumer promotion inviting consumers to "watch and win" allowing Holden to then reconnect with the audience via a dedicated CRM program.
Brand ambassadors Adam D'Sylva (executive chef and co-owner of Coda and Tonka restaurants) and Sara Oteri (MasterChef Australia Season 7) feature in a series of tongue-in-cheek TVCs with a culinary bent, designed to especially resonate with the MasterChef Australia audience.

In show the Holden Equinox SUV features throughout the season and extends to an integrated episode which will see ambassador Adam D'Sylva set a bespoke challenge.  

A national pop up experience will launch on June 1 bringing a taste of the MasterChef Australia kitchen to people across Australia, alongside Holden's newest SUV.  The Holden Equinox. With activations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, the MasterChef Australia, Holden Pop Up Experience will feature recipes from previous seasons including dishes by D'Sylva and Oteri. The first activation will feature at the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show and is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Holden to continue pushing the boundaries with partnerships.

Says Nancy Del Monaco, senior manager of media, brand partnerships and communication, Holden: "Our partnership with MasterChef Australia is the perfect platform for our Holden Equinox SUV, the ultimate vehicle for exploring local farmers' markets, out-of-town wineries and, of course, the MasterChef Australia HQ."

Says Alex Wright, founder, Lacuna: "It's really exciting to work with Holden, on this campaign, creating an approach that works across a number of channels. We are dedicated to developing partnerships that take a less traditional approach, and this is no exception."

The integrated partnership was developed and managed by Lacuna Agency, with media via Holden's main agency Carat.


C-Diddy said:

Car crash.

Is this the ad the dealers demanded and Harland lost his job over?

This by comparison has The Monkeys looking pretty good right now.

Looks good said:

what crap @C-Diddy makes the monkeys/ajf look expensive.

Looks good and gets the message across well, VO seems wrong choice and seagull shot is bland, but its fine.

@ Looks Good said:

I'm with C-Diddy I'm afraid.

This definitely makes The Monkeys look a little less like actual monkeys.

And what message is it getting across exactly? "He's a good cook. She's a good cook. Look, a seagull! Holden Equinox." Fucking hell.

Would have achieved more if you just had the car slowly turning around on screen for 30 seconds while someone reads out the feature list.

Sean said:

The girl in the ad is a top notch copywriter. They should've got her to write the ad.

Longest 30" ever. said:

Great immersive experience! If the experience you're after is living a thousand years of utter boredom in 30 seconds.

Zac said:

But.. what's the proposition?

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