Macca's encourages Kiwi families to put their devices down in new 'Timeless' spot via DDB NZ

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 7.48.43 am.jpgMcDonald's has today released a new brand ad Timeless, an intergenerational tale that challenges the 24/7 connectedness of modern life created by DDB New Zealand.

Built on bringing families together over a meal, McDonald's taps into the insight that what families want the most is to spend quality time together.

Our silver-haired protagonist faces a particularly difficult challenge. Looking after his three grandchildren, he puts a good old-fashioned day out up against technological toys and wins.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 7.49.15 am.jpgSwitching off the fuse board at home, Grandpa takes the kids on a succession of adventures, culminating in a Macca's meal at his special lookout. Grandpa wins over his grandkids and each piece of technology disappears, as the family reconnects with each other.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, the spot celebrates the everyday feel-good moments that happen when a family spends time together. Just like the Big Mac, these moments are timeless.

Says Shane Bradnick, executive creative director, DDB NZ: "Timeless touches issues many families face with the rise of technology.

"At times technology makes us feel more connected to the world, but not to the people closest to us, our family.

"This spot simply reminds us that there's more out there to experience with the ones we love, using the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren."

McDonald's director of marketing, Jo Mitchell, says that the spot puts perspective on how things have changed.

Says Mitchell: "Following on from 'Middle Seat', we're proud to launch our new brand spot 'Timeless' this week.

"It's the next major piece of brand-building creative for McDonald's, highlighting the emotional connection Kiwis have with our brand while featuring our most iconic burger, the Big Mac. 

"It's a spot built around a real and timely human truth that we are sure will be familiar to most. It comes at a crucial time when our competitors are fighting in the pits with price, and brand love is more important than ever.

"This spot also demonstrates the continued passion and understanding DDB have for our brand. Great work comes from great team work, and 'Timeless' is yet another demonstration of this."

The spot will roll out in a 60" version on TV, cinema and instore.

Client: McDonald's
Director of Marketing: Jo Mitchell
Head of Marketing: Liz Wilson
Senior Brand Manager: Nikki Jeffcote
Agency: DDB NZ
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Directors: Ben Pegler & Rory McKechnie
Senior Art Director: Zac Lancaster
Lead Business Partner: Karla Fisher
Senior Business Director: Lauren Taylor
Senior Planner: Anna Gunnell
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Senior Television Producer: Claire Colohan
Production Company: Revolver/ Will O'Rourke
Director: Matt Devine
Managing Director/ Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer: Pip Smart
Producer: Alex Kember
Director of Photography: Crighton Bone
Editor: Tim Mauger for The Editors
Post Production: Blockhead
Colourist: Dave Gibson
Song search and Licensing: Jonathan Mihaljevich, Franklin Rd. "Catch the Wind" (Leitch). Recording. Donovan. 


Dream On said:

Wishful thinking.

Copy Desk said:

Nice story.

I like the way it's not the brand that brings everyone together. It's Grandpa. A burger is just one of the highlights. Polite, well behaved brand promise.

producer said:

kind of a classic ad.

very classy.

nicely done.

ScenesByDean said:

Well done Mr Devine and thanks once again

Mr Logic said:

Does this mean no more free WiFi at Maccas?

Tasteful said:

Best spot to come out of DDB NZ for a long time. Nicely done.

Sorry said:

This was pretty obvious and kind of boring both in idea and execution.

This comment is not cryptic if you think about it for more than a second said:

You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.

HJ said:

Well done for the Lotto ad DDB, but this is very weak.

Can't see connection between this and burgers guys. Question the choice in music.

McD said:

Nice car, thats about it.

McD said:

Nice car, thats about it.

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