Nescafé Gold launches integrated 'When Taste Matters' brand campaign via Publicis Sydney

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.29.26 pm.jpgA new integrated campaign for Nescafé Gold is set to launch as the coffee brand rolls out its richer tasting barista style coffee across Australia.

The latest creative showcases how meaningful connections are rare, precious and worth saving, because they truly enrich people's lives. Individuals will meet around 80,000 people in their lifetime, but only a few will be really special to them.

The Nescafé Gold campaign brings these connections to life in the new, emotive TVCs, linking the care people put into their relationships, with the care and attention that goes into making a cup of Nescafé Gold.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.32.02 pm.jpgScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.32.11 pm.jpgThe integrated campaign leads with two TVCs, which go live on Sunday 3 June, a series of influencer-led content and out of home activations including barista café pop-ups. It supports the relaunch of Nescafé Gold, which features improved recipes and an update to its classic packaging to a new, modern design.

Says Sabine Schusser, client services director, Publicis Sydney: "The global TV campaign developed by Publicis London / Publicis Conseil, that looks at coffee through a powerful interpersonal lens, provided us with the bedrock for the Nescafé Gold launch in Australia and New Zealand. Locally, we created high impact, brand design work to augment and amplify the TV campaign and provide Nescafé Gold with strong visual impact in market."

Says Rebecca Dobbins, head of marketing, Nescafé: "Our ongoing commitment is to deliver quality taste and the new Nescafé Gold range will continue to exceed expectations of what is possible from barista style instant coffee. We understand that Kiwis know what makes a great coffee, which is why we have developed an immersive consumer experience that will serve an incredible 500,000 coffees nationwide."

The fully integrated campaign is live from 30 May through to December 2018 and will also cover an entire brand immersion across out of home locations, that will result in Nescafé Gold reaching more than one million commuters. In addition to this, experiential sampling will be taking place through multiple Nescafé Gold Pop-up cafés with their own in-store baristas.

The new Nescafé Gold range is available from May 2018.

Lead Creative Agency - Marcel Sydney
Media Agency AU - Wave Maker (Group M)
Media Agency NZ - MediaCom
Experiential Agency - Havas
PR and influencer Agency - FORWARD Agency


no credits says it all said:

taste obviously doesn't matter to whoever made this. oh and surely not another soppy cover version.

Maria m said:

Wow I have now seen it all.
This is twat

Rubin said:

Just how good are marcel ?

A said:

...'we have developed an immersive consumer experience'

When drinking a coffee is now an 'immersive consumer experience'. FFS.

B said:

'A powerful interpersonal lense' and they show an enormous pack shot.
Absolutely appaling.

Doesn't connect said:

Can the strategist please explain how you can possibly meet anyone whilst boiling a kettle at home?

Anonamouse said:

The GAD provided the quote - says a bit about how the agency itself feels about the work...

So confused. said:

What just happened?

Chill out said:

Read the press release. It’s a global adapt. Hardly the agency’s fault.

Even older CD guy said:

No wonder there are no creative credits because there's absolutely nothing vaguely creative about this campaign. Nestle - the anti-Christ of advertising. Marcel should change their name to Nobraincel.

Oh dear said:

No wonder Moccona is stealing share at an alarming rate

Ray Purchase said:

The experiential element gets a big thumbs up from me. A pop up cafe is a pretty cool and immersive way of sampling the product. Hats off to Havas for some much-needed innovation in this category.

Oh wow said:

Same shitty old Publicis...

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