News Corp uses bold wordplay in latest digital subscription campaign via The Works, Sydney

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 8.12.17 am.jpgNews Corp Australia's latest subscription driver marketing campaign, created by The Works, continues its bold use of wordplay, to channel a playful spirit featuring political leaders, current issues and celebrities leading the news of the day.
The latest dual citizenship saga prompted ads in today's papers to read: "Here's a dual offer you'll want Bill - News AND a tablet."
Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 8.12.35 am.jpgAnd with Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison presenting the budget on May 8, the campaign headlined with: "Great Scott! Get the budget news on your new tablet."

Further creatives over coming weeks are expected to feature the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry with "Get all the news on your new tablet. Harry up and get it"; the return of Matt Preston on TV, with News Corp asking if you're "Hungry for more news?;" the Leader of the Opposition with "You'll never be Shorten news with your new tablet"; and the piece de resistance, an image of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, his wife Lucy and French President Emmanuel Macron with the caption "Get an Eiffel of news on your new tablet. Now, that's delicious!"
This campaign is one of News Corp's four key bundled subscription acquisition campaigns each year, designed to convert considerers to high value subscribers by adding further value to its news products.
Readers just need to sign up to a 12-month digital subscription of any of News Corp's 10 mastheads (four metro and six regional newspapers) to receive a Samsung Galaxy Tablet A 8.0, RRP $299.
The media strategy for the Samsung Tablet offer includes digital and print advertising across all metro and regional mastheads and sites (including home page takeovers on sites); inserts in paper; social media and PR; video; editorial content and 15 sec TV and radio commercials as well as OOH through roadside digital panels in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.
The campaign will run until early June, encouraging people to subscribe before the end of financial year.

Creative: The Works
Creative Partner: Nathan Bilton
Creative: Jane Myers
Creative Project Lead: Kristie Thistlethwaite
Creative Project Manager: Mike Richardson


Ghost of David Abbott said:

Bold wordplay.


BOLD said:

"Harry up and get it." Woah, lads...isn't that a bit much?

History Repeats said:

The typeface is def bold... not sure about the execution.

Nandos circa 2010 called and want their idea back.

Questionable said:

Thought one of the freelancers did this???

Funny said:

Last week we were asked is craft dead? Today we have the answer

Freelancer said:

Better get the freelancers in to fix this mess.

Jesus said:

I thought that was a PowerPoint slide.

qt3.14 said:

"Here's a dual offer you'll want Bill - News AND a tablet."
And it's so badly punctuated that it's hard to even read.

Pugwash said:

Newscorp, the blood diamond of advertising

Ozi said:

Really boys? This is what's coming out of The Works these days? Really?

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