Publicis Media launches '6 Second Video' to focus on short-form brand video content creation to counter decreasing consumer attention spans

Paddy-2018.jpgPublicis Media has announced the launch of 6 Second Video, a new product that focuses on concise, compelling brand stories to cater for decreasing consumer attention spans.
These 6-second videos can be effectively used to build frequency and repetition, while 15- and 30-second videos are used for reach and storytelling. A recent Google study on its bumper ads found that 9 out of 10 short videos drove ad recall, while 61% lifted brand awareness.
The 6 Second Video proprietary product will be available across all platforms in Australia and New Zealand, including Facebook, Google and Publicis Media Precision.
The consumption of video is growing exponentially and now sits at five hours and eight minutes watched daily, with consumer video traffic on the web predicted to reach 80% by next year*. The implication is that brands can be impacted simply by video length, with video views peaking on average at less than three seconds with an average viewing time of five seconds.
Measurement too, has changed and now quantifies a 'viewing experience' at three to five seconds, which is considered the industry benchmark for social media success.
Says Publicis Media ANZ Head of Content, Patrick Whitnall (pictured): "We believe that 2018 will be the turning point towards more snackable, bite sized video content and while many media owners are championing short form video, few are creating for it. 6 Second Video will specialise in creating and repurposing short form video to help our clients drive brand equity and conversion.
"Short form video, that features a laser-focused, concise story, can play a unique role in both brand creative and effectiveness. Our new product will establish a consumer connection earlier using our greater understanding of production approaches - such as live action, motion design or cinemagraphs - to make optimal use of the six-second timeframe. We will also specifically design video for mobile first, which achieves greater click-throughs and engagement."
Says Facebook ANZ managing director, William Easton: "As mobile devices become an ever increasing part of people's every day lives, it's never been more important for brands to understand how viewing habits and behaviours are changing. There is a real art to storytelling on mobile, driven by the content people choose to watch, the way they engage and the actions they take. We couldn't be more excited to be working with Publicis Media on their mobile first initiative which will deliver some excellent best practices across the industry.''
Whitnall leads the Content practice at Publicis Media that was built for the experience economy. It creates, crafts and curates content that delivers a valuable brand experience, with complete content stories that are audience-centric and platform-native. Content is optimised through more inspired use of data.
6 Second Video will work closely with Publicis Media's agencies - Starcom, Zenith, Spark Foundry, Blue 449 and Performics - to help clients create and execute creatively dynamic and effective short-form video.
Sources: *Cisco study


Ugh said:

Most ads are shit.

People hate them.

Do better ads.

People don’t mind watching funny, clever ads.

They even share them with their friends.

Six seconds is the white flag of surrender.

It’s what Facebook are teaching the clients.

More shit ads more often.

I hate this fucking industry.

A bit late to the party said:

The smart agencies have been doing this for at least 2 years.

I love ads said:

Smart move Publicis

Max Headroom said:

Looking forward to blipverts being the Gold Standard soon.
C-c-c-catch the wave!

Curtains said:

Good luck ever making anything good in six seconds when people can't even make decent normal length ads in Australia anymore.

You guys are hilarious said:

The reason why attention spans are decreasing is because ads are still a one way conversation. Whether it's 60sec or 6sec, people don't want to be sold to anymore.

6 sec ads will soon be too long as well.

Frustrated Strategist said:

Can we stop with this fallacy that consumer attention spans are getting shorter? It's totally untrue and not backed by any research or science. In fact, the opposite is true.

This is why I hate this industry sometimes - a lazy, easy to believe truth gets propagated as fact to the point that companies are making fundamental business decisions based on falsehoods. Utter insanity.

Fucking hell said:

How is 6 Second Video a product?

It's a duration, you fucking morons.

I'm surprised clients said:

….Still do 30Sec spots. reducing the length will decrease the cost of a commercial.

Smart move pushing 6sec spots, 15sec should be as long as they get.

Move with the times.

@Frustrated Strategist said:

You're so sick of the fallacy but can't be bothered to provide a source for your own arguments...

I don't mind a drink.. said:

...but just wondering how the Facebook Kool aid tastes?
Seems a lot of you have drunk it.

28 year old idea said:

I shot a six second ad in 1990 for Polygran records — you lazy amateurs. This isn’t new. Your industry is dead if this is all you got.

@Fucking hell said:

Didn't you read the article? It's """proprietary""".

Love the stats cited too. 61% lift compared to what? Not seeing anything at all? Sick of these shit "studies' from media companies interested in cramming as much inventory as they can into their bored user's feeds being touted as fact.

Bazeagle said:

Hmmm. "consumer decreasing attention spans...." rather than 6 sec vids - how about flipping this on it's head.....and bring about the return of 60, 90 even 2 minute epic ads - stories....humans (a better word than "consumers") through the ages love stories...and always have. Look at the NZ approach - they make epic stories and long spots that humans/people actually like and discuss in their lives. Is there a more powerful personal interaction for a brand than that?

ffx said:

6 seconds is too long, the future of advertising is yelling at people from moving cars.

Say this 3 times.... said:

"...that was built for the experience economy. It creates, crafts and curates content that delivers a valuable brand experience, with complete content stories that are audience-centric and platform-native. Content is optimised through more inspired use of data."

Just get F'd

Video Mastermind said:

This lacks SERIOUS insight. Research by Google, leading media agencies and any company with practical knowledge of video shows that longer video dominates on all brand metrics. The only reason 6 seconds is pushed by Facebook is because no-one wants autoplaying ads in their news feed and so the results of longer videos are terrible. It has NOTHING to do with attention span and everything to do with the consumer experience of watching that content. Media agencies & Facebook want to try and beat people scrolling past the video to show a higher average percentage viewed. That is why the average time watched on a 6 second video is almost as good as 1 minute video on Facebook because the engagement is so poor. It is not because of the length of the content, it is not because of attention spans – it is because of the platform and how the videos are shown. If you make relevant content, it does not even need to be good, and don’t force it down people’s throats, all data will show it is watched with strong engagement which proves that the small attention argument is false and only communicated because it is in the interests of those communicating it - facebook and media agencies who's distribution models work best for shorter content. Again, it is the way the media is consumed, and the video quality, that drives the attention span. Long content is needed to build a brand, recall, engagement, education, consideration. A 6 second video is a long banner ad and means more banner blindness. It is not video. 15 sec and 30 sec is also often not long enough to tell a story. All data I have seen and experienced shows that 1 minute plus dominates shorter content on all brand metrics but they should both be used in unison. 6 second could be used for top of mind brand awareness and retargeting people that watch the 1 minute plus content. 6 seconds is catering for a weakness in distribution and not making the best content for the brand. Brands shoud research long form vs short form ads for independent search advice and not take my words as gospel eventhough they are true

producer said:


@TLDR said:

I read it. It was engaging and offered some insight. And it took longer than 6 seconds. Does this make me an outlier or does it demonstrate the point that if content is relevant to your needs, you will take the time to consume it and engage (comment)?

I knew the comments would be spicy said:

I wasnt disappointed

Facebook said:

People only have 6-second attention spans so they can sell inventory. Suddenly human behavior is fundamentally changed.

If we're being told humans are changing their behavior - it seems incumbent on the people making that proposition to support it. Not the people who think human interest is driven by what it always has been - stories.

I sat through a Snapchat presentation at the end of last year in which we were told that effectiveness of message was INVERSELY related to the length of video viewed. That is, the shorter someone watches a video, the more effective it is.

When we received campaign results and the creative marked well above average view time, I asked why the creative had failed in getting people to swipe through quicker.

Google research dept. said:

Our 'recent' Google study was published in December 2016.

That is the basis of your bullshit research? Fcuk this shit is a joke.

Please... said:

...use more lune next time, I won’t be able to sit down for weeks, let alone for 6 seconds, after reading this!

Congratulations said:

6 second ads have been relevant for years.
Congratulations on announcing your clever insights now... way after the party started..
Congratulations on still having paying clients.

This article should worry any FMCG client.

Proprietary said:

Oh my god. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. And who let this come out of Publicis?

This article said:

came up at an event on the weekend.. and most people where laughing. One person did cry but this was from laughing to much.

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