Renault uses Victoria as the backdrop for its latest advertising campaign via Big Red

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 9.27.03 am.jpgRenault is proving it is a big player in the SUV market in a new advertising campaign developed by Melbourne-based agency Big Red, which features prime Victorian locations in supporting roles to its star performer, the Koleos.

The fully-integrated campaign including TV, outdoor, social and digital is the first to be produced locally by the French car brand.

The campaign, which carries the theme 'Big', was shot entirely in Victoria at locations including Point Nepean, Sorrento, Kew House, the advertising company's St Kilda Rd Office, the Bolte Bridge and 'rainbow' tunnel and Melbourne's city streets.
BACCO_RENAULT_0004_preview.jpegThe Renault Koleos is one of the car brand's biggest sellers, with the campaign designed to highlight that the SUV is Big on Power, Big on Features and Big on Space, despite its place in the medium car market.

Says Terri Golder, GM marketing communication, Renault: "The objective of the new KoleosBACCO_RENAULT_0046_preview.jpg campaign is to encapsulate the essence of the Renault brand and appeal to a broader audience.

"The French design of our vehicles make them very distinctive on the road. We want our advertising to reflect this attribute by being stylish and distinctive in the cluttered automotive landscape. We wanted the campaign to be warm with a sense of joie de vivre to appeal to people's emotional drivers. The Koleos isBACCO_RENAULT_0082_preview.jpeg the enabler in a series of stories rather than the hero.  We hope it is relatable and makes people smile."

She said despite being one of the biggest automotive brands globally, Renault was still perceived as being 'quirky little French cars' by Australian consumers.  

But the Koleos is an affordable European alternative to the mainstream brands with premium specs, and provides drivers the opportunity to live a big life.

Whether it's enjoying extra legroom on a big trip, or using the 2-tonne towing capacity to tow your big boat, it's the perfect vehicle for those wanting to make the most out of life.

Sitting in the largest and fastest-growing medium SUV segment, Koleos provides a perfect opportunity for Renault to attract a new mainstream audience, Golder said.

Renault managing director Andrew Moore said Koleos sets a new benchmark in positioning the brand as a key European player in Australia.

Says Moore: "Being in the largest and fastest growing medium SUV segment, Koleos provides a great opportunity for Renault to attract a new mainstream audience and build the brand on the back of its success.

"Koleos is already a top seller for Renault and stacks up very well against the competition on both spec and value."

Client: Terri Golder, GM Marketing Communications
Agency: Big Red
Production: Flinders Lane
Director: Scout Jackson - Velvet
Producer: Rona Lewis - Velvet
DOP: Shelley Farthing Dawe
Editor: Michael Houlihan


Crickets said:


Big Turd said:

Shot entirely in Victoria. What a breakthrough, game-changing achievement.

And the quirky French character? Captured magnificently!

Who gave this job to a junior? said:

People who write vacuous press releases like this should be clapped into stocks and pelted with rotten vegetables.

The PR bears no resemblance to the ad.

Big pile of steaming... said:

Really? is that what this incredible international automotive brand has come to?

Bull said:

Big mistake Big Red. An ad about nothing in particular. And an even worse article to go with it. No, no, no.

Big Rubbish said:

Wow. Generic rubbish packed with jumpy cuts and non-sensical supers written in an archaic font (Big Dog? - there are two small dog in that tiny boot). How expected. The spot is supposed to communicate "Big on Power, Big on Features and Big on Space". Arguably it achieves none of these. Being 'quirky' doesn't mean you can get away with being a stinker.

Zac said:

Can we please stop bragging that campaigns are "fully integrated".

Congratulations, you did your job.

qt3.14 said:

Pretty inoffensive if you ask me.

@qt3.14 said:

And that's its problem. It's just wallpaper.

Fact not Fiction said:

Koleos boot space: 458 l
Captiva boot space: 465 l
Ford Escape boot space: 406 l
Nissan X-trail boot space: 565 l

I can see what the ad is trying to do but it is too simplistic and won't change uninformed preconception that this is a small car. A good example if this is "Big Rubbish"s comment about a "tiny" boot. "Big Rubbish" has clearly not seen one of these cars. A simple comparison shows that the boot compares with other popular mid size SUV's. Other features make it competitive too. The 30,000 km servicing is fantastic for busy people who do a lot of k's.

Defending Big Rubbish said:

I believe Big Rubbish was making the point that the dogs aren't big... And the boot does 'look' small. This is advertising. Why should he or she need to 'see' one of these cars? That's the point of the ad?

Fact not Fiction said:

Ummm! I WAS commenting on the ad. My point was that the ad wasn't going to change "Big Rubbish"s uninformed preconception.
"Big Rubbish" doesn't need defending. He/she/it is what it is.

Big Congratulations said:

Great integration = ie posted it on Facebook and 6% of users actually saw it.

Amazing what you can get away with now. Would be better results advertising above pub urinals.

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