Sendle tackles Australia Post head on in newly launched brand campaign via The Glue Society

Glue_Sendle_0298 (1).jpgAustralian courier service Sendle has today launched another major challenge to Australia Post's stranglehold over small business with its inaugural advertising campaign, "Why post when you can Sendle?" produced in collaboration with The Glue Society.

The campaign calls on Aussie SMEs to reconsider their options in parcel delivery and opt for Sendle's carbon neutral, door to door delivery service over Australia's outdated postal network.

The campaign is a first for the three-year old delivery startup, which launched in November 2014 and has grown rapidly to become a legitimate alternative to the incumbent, Australia Post. It features the phrase "Post without the office", which Sendle successfully trademarked in 2017 after Australia Post took them to court. 

Sendle's mission to unlock the power of big business logistics -- convenience and affordability -- for those at the small end of town has already struck a chord with tens of thousands of small businesses in Australia, helping Sendle grow 20 per cent month-on-month for 18 consecutive months.

Says Craig Davis, co-founder and CMO, Sendle: "Sendle has built a strong reputation as the alternative to Australia Post, mainly by focusing on satisfying the needs of small business with great products, pricing and service, and by gathering momentum through word-of-mouth. This campaign is our very first and represents how far we've come in just over three years. It is also the first time small businesses have been presented with a cheaper and more convenient alternative to Australia Post's 200 year-old functional monopoly.

"We have no doubt this campaign will support us in championing choice in the market for Aussie small businesses. Hopefully, it will also empower more small businesses to choose a delivery partner that will help them compete in a rapidly changing ecommerce ecosystem."

The campaign stars Australian actor John Batchelor, best known for his roles as chief engineer Andy 'Charge' Thorpe in the Aussie drama Sea Patrol and Peeto in the feature film Red Dog. Batchelor stars as a small business owner dealing with the everyday struggles of running an online retail company, such as wasting time lining up at the Post Office, juggling multiple orders, and making sense of Australia Post's complex pricing schemes. The business owner's comical sock puppet, Wendell, puts him at ease by explaining how Sendle can help alleviate these challenges through its door-to-door delivery, streamlined orders, and low, national flat rates up to 70 per cent cheaper than standard Parcel Post rates, guaranteed.

Says Jonathan Kneebone, co-founder, The Glue Society: "Sendle is a humble but ambitious brand aiming to lend a helping hand to the 'little guys' of the eCommerce space, and we enjoyed directing a campaign that speaks to these qualities. Much like Sendle, we enjoy giving a voice to worthy brands hoping to make a difference, and we look forward to lending a (sock-puppeted) hand to the Australian small business community. "

The campaign will roll out across digital, social, and Sendle-owned channels starting May 2018.

Brand: Sendle
Direction: The Glue Society
Editing & Post Production Company: Glue Society Studios
Starring: John Batchelor and Wendell 


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or has all the 'talent' from the TAB x Bon Jovi campaign been tainted?

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So bad. I remember being in awe of everything Glue touched. We all have our off days.

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