Sir Martin Sorrell will take to the stage at Cannes Lions in discussion with author Ken Auletta

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Sir-Martin-Sorrell.jpgFriday 22 June, 12pm
Sir Martin Sorrell
with Ken Auletta

Sir Martin Sorrell will sit down with Ken Auletta for a candid discussion about the marketing industry issues of today. In a dynamic and stimulating session, Sir Martin Sorrell will be in conversation with Ken Auletta, a globally respected journalist and author.

Ken's new book: Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (And Everything Else) will be published in June 2018.

Talking about the session, Sorrell said: "I'm looking forward to exploring Ken's perspective on the future of our industry and profession".


Oh well done Cannes said:

Man fired for undisclosed wrong doings given biggest stage in advertising.

Could we at least pretend that behaving so awfully that you are forced from the head of your own company means you don't get to get a platform at Cannes for at least 14 months? What a joke.

@Oh well done for Cannes said:

What Sorrell did (and I know what he did) wasn't bad on the scale of things.

At worst you could say he acted as a proprietor and not an employee.

What he did would go nowhere near anything around #metoo or similar, despite the rumours. But it is a personal matter and would have an impact on him, so completely understandable that he wants to keep it quiet.

@Oh well done for Cannes said:

Do you know this for sure? Can you confirm that it was only 'peccadilloes' that got one of the most influential and powerful men in advertising worldwide to be turfed out? Oh yes, the excuse that he was taking one for the team. Pfft!
The reason you assert that it didn't go near #metoo is because you don't know.No one does because it's all covered up like so many other agencies worldwide have done continue to do. Good luck believing your own spin, champ.

@Oh well done for Cannes said:

Oh, and if it's true that you "know what he did" then please put your real name on your post and give us some detail. Please be the avenger for Sorrell, please stop the rumours and scuttlebutt since you have such inside information. Otherwise, no credibility, champ.

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