Sydney indie creative agency DDI reimagines traditional Top3 catalogue into glossy magazine

TOP3 Winter Magazine 2018_FRONT COVER_300dpi.jpgIn Top3's world the eponymous catalogue issued each season had always been a compelling part of its brand story - a showcase for new products, a connection piece for the design-obsessed and a platform to relate the brand's philosophy to the world. It was a wondrous collaboration, until it wasn't anymore.

Catalogues in the guise of desirable keepsakes, read from cover to cover and used as ongoing sources of inspiration had virtually disappeared, replaced instead by too many cheap, disposable alternatives who all-too-rapidly found their home in the blue recycle container.

Top3 realised that a channel that had always been one of its most important links to customers needed to be completely reimagined, and so the Top3 Magazine was born. To fulfil this dream Terri Winter, CEO of Top3, appointed independent agency DDI to create a substantial and substantive bible for design aficionados seeking something tangible and definitive to hold in their hands as a valued resource, to keep coming back to until the pages are worn at the edges.
Inspired by Instagram stats showing that people can spend hours searching for "that perfect vase or cheese knife", Top3 realised that far from wanting to just scratch the surface with a menu of design alternatives, its customers sought to curl up and lose themselves in a world dedicated to design and creation.  

Says Winter: "Our magazine gave us carte blanche to really embrace this insight and not cut short the conversations with our customers. It might seem strange that we're going back to a magazine when so many say that magazines are dead, but we decided that rather than being forced to pay the earth for tip-ons and inserts, we'd just take ownership of the media ourselves."

Says Caroline McLaughlin, managing director, DDI: "There's a trend right now called 'The Tactilians' which talks to how much we crave touch both physically and emotionally in a world filled with sleek, cool surfaces.  Fact is we now touch our smartphones more than any other surface, which is changing the way we process emotions. With a magazine such as Top3 Trends it's easy to get caught up in the dream state, touching the stock of the pages and seeing beautiful objects. This is an unashamed disruptive play by a challenger brand known for always rewriting the rulebook."

The new magazine will be in store from today, May 4th.

Agency: DDI
Bernd Winter  - Founder
Rob Orme - Head of Content
Tillie Stephen - Head of Production
Simon Kaye - Creative Artworker
Justin Malinowski - Retoucher

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