Sydney Water and Republic of Everyone unveil first vinyl records made of recyled marine plastic

RECORDS-MARINE-PLASTIC_v2 (1).jpgSydney Water, via do-good creative agency Republic of Everyone, has pioneered a way to create records from marine plastics - and in doing so, encourage more people to join the movement of local clean up groups rolling up their sleeves every weekend to clean plastics, litter and other pollutants from Sydney's beaches and waterways.

Plastics are collected by volunteers then cut in pieces and pressed into working vinyls with special equipment installed on the beach and given back to volunteers to thank them helping with the day - all under the banner of Beat the Bottle.

SYDNEY-WATER-VINYL-RECORD.jpgThe day is powered by music - with DJs and junk drummers bringing the tunes and making the day more fun.

And what's on the record? A dedicated track 'Come Clean', by Chaos Emerald and Jayteehazard, created from the sounds of marine plastics.
The campaign was developed for Sydney Water by Republic of Everyone. Record pressing technology was devised by Vert Design.

After successfully piloting on two beaches this summer, the campaign will rollout across 16 events in summer 2018/19. 

Agency: Republic of Everyone
Founder & Partner: Ben Peacock
Creative Director: Max Guena
Head of Design: Claire Sutton
Designer: Eva Kiss
Senior account Director: Lucy Jackson
Senior Account Manager: Josephine North
Junior Account Executive: Emily Saunders


Aweome. said:

Go Claire! This is awesome.

Jet said:

Favourite agency of everyone. Nice work and good on Sydney Water for buying the idea.

But the name! said:

If it were called BOTTLE BEATS it would relate to music.
As is, it's a missed naming opportunity.

@But the name! said:

For the sake of decent advertising I hope to God you aren’t a copywriter.

Beat the bottle states their ambition, bottle beats is shithouse.

Go back to ad school.

This is great! said:

This is great!

LOL said:

Beat the Bottle sounds like the title of an AA meeting.

Get real or get looked over.

Yep said:

No reference to music in the name.

So there's a name for the beach cleanups initiative - cool.
Why does it need to be the name for the activation, which is about turning litter into music?


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