Tourism NT partners up with Pedestrian.TV to put the Northern Territory on the millennial map

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 8.44.57 am.jpgPEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Tourism NT to get young Aussies exploring their own backyard by packing their own city-kid bags and heading to the larger than life Northern Territory. The result is a wild 3-part video series appropriately titled 'All the Gear and No Idea'.

The mockumentary style series chronicles PEDESTRIAN.TV's very own Lucinda Price, Sydney funny girl Tanya Hennessy and radio host Michael Beveridge as they embark on 3 very different Northern Territory experiences. In the search for the biggest croc and best pub grub to the most Instagrammable adventures, mountain biking in the outback and primo room service at a swim up hotel room, the series demonstrates that the NT truly has something for every travel personality and encourages young Aussies to do themselves a favour and go bush for themselves.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 8.45.13 am.jpgSays Tony Quarmby, GM of marketing, Tourism NT: "The Territory has a big reputation for quirky and adventurous marketing campaigns, so we jumped at this opportunity to work with the folks at PEDESTRIAN.TV and shout-out about the incredibly Instagrammable adventures that await young Aussie travellers in the NT.

"Not only was Out of the Office wildly fun to shoot thanks to the antics of Tanya, Michael and Lucinda, but it cut to the essence of what the NT is all about - fun, adventurous, enriching and incredibly spiritual experiences in some of the most pristine and accessible wilderness Australia has to offer, with great accommodation and good food to boot!"

Says James McManus, creative director, PEDESTRIAN.TV: "A recent dive into the lives of PEDESTRIAN's audience overwhelmingly displayed their embrace of diversity and new cultures, in both their own neighbourhood and overseas, and a hunger for hobbies that help them escape technology. Combined with travel being an unwavering motivator, this tongue in cheek look at the incredible spirit and variety The Territory has on offer proves the NT is ripe for the young Aussie explorer to nail their passions on home soil."

The video series is a part of a broader campaign with PEDESTRIAN.TV, including social content and an editorial series which is hosted across a dedicated content hub, News and Travel verticals.

Agency Partnerships Manager: Caitlin Hibbert
Producer/Director: Anna Lawrence
DOP: James Millynn
Account Manager: Kylie O'Connell

Tourism NT
Monika Tonkin - Manager Consumer Communication
Lindsey Dixon - Brand Coordinator

Creative & Media Agency - Atomic 212


Really? said:

We've got to put an end to this belief that if you make content, people will watch it.

Because, you know, people have better things to do with their time. And more importantly, people have better things to watch with their time.

So how do you target millennials? Million dollar fucking question. But certainly not like this.

Truth is they're too busy organising coke parties and being bisexual to watch your stupid little movies.

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