ANZ offers commuters bus, train + tram timetable info in OOH work via TBWA, PHD and JCDecaux

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.33.10 am.jpgANZ and media agency PHD have partnered with JCDecaux and creative agency TBWA to launch a unique campaign that harnesses the power of data across three cities incorporating actual tram, train and bus timetable information to align with the new ANZ App.

When commuters are waiting at their bus, train or tram stop in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, the accompanying JCDecaux digital panels will pull in accurate timetable information for specific stops that cleverly contextualises the benefits of being able to use the ANZ App to get on top of your money, wherever you are.
Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.33.20 am.jpgFor example, one ad features the headline: "The next tram is due in XX minutes. Use that time to get on top of your money with the new ANZ App."

The only Out-of-Home provider with access to tram, train and bus networks, JCDecaux has  incorporated accurate timetable information that works seamlessly across its dynamic digital panel network in high pedestrian dwell time locations across three cities to engage commuters. The timetable information was retrieved for use from publicly available government platforms.

Says Jordan Smith, group business director, ANZ: "Partnering with JCDecaux, this data-led Out-Of-Home campaign aims to leverage dwell time on public transport routes encouraging people to 'get on top of their money' by downloading the ANZ App. It's testament to the great work we do with ANZ and we thank them for allowing us to do new and innovative work."

The campaign launched this week in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Client: ANZ
Creative Agency: TBWA and JCDecaux Creative Solutions
Media Agency: PHD


Yeah, hmmm said:

That’s a lot of effort for someone who has access to TripView and has saved their trips.

I’m sure agency and marketing peeps will be enthralled by it.

Sal said:


Henry Innis said:

This is a nice contextual idea, but one that clearly lacks a creative hook or thought.

I'm sure TBWA would have wanted to do something more with it but this was foisted on them by a media agency.

A shame, because this work *could* be so much stronger.

Medium said:

Yes its always tragic watching media peeps trying to be creative.

Seen it time and time again and the result is always the same.

Focus on your core and stop wasting the clients money.

Client: stop buying gimmicks. Just buy good ideas?

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