Cannes Contenders: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Barbie.jpgMattel: Never Before Barbie
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Australia, much like other countries, has a gender diversity problem in senior leadership. Women are severely underrepresented in boardrooms, as CEOs and most other senior roles. As the saying goes: you can't be what you can't see. Clemenger BBDO's solution to this societal problem and to improving Barbie's reputational issues was to create Never Before Barbie - a bespoke, limited-edition range of dolls aimed at inspiring Australian girls to believe they can be anything. These Barbies were visible demonstrations of change and could become a role model for girls to aspire to once again. The dolls were based on six high profile roles that had never been occupied by a woman, shining a light on the lack of gender diversity in leadership positions across the country and allowing young girls to visualise themselves in these roles. The six roles included: Chairperson of the AFL Barbie, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police Barbie, Governor of the Australian Reserve Bank Barbie, Head of ASIO Barbie, President of the Australian Olympic Committee Barbie, and First Woman on the Moon Barbie.
TACBreakpoint.jpgTAC: Breakpoint
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
30% of road deaths are due to driver fatigue. The Transport Accident Commission in Australia recommends stopping every two hours, but most drivers don't. TAC needed to find a new reason for Victorian drivers to pull over, so Clemenger BBDO showed drivers that they were passing something worth photographing. In partnership with TAC, we identified high-risk routes, and then searched social media for beautiful imagery taken nearby. These images became billboards which were placed on location, encouraging drivers to stop where they wouldn't have before. The public was then engaged to contribute user-generated photos which then became more 'breakpoints', resulting in Victorians stopping and resting on routes when they otherwise would have kept driving. Breakpoint contributed to an 83% reduction in fatalities in the identified areas.

Airbnb Until we all belong.jpgAirbnb: Until We All Belong
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
The Acceptance Ring. Wear this ring and show your support for marriage equality. Australia is the last Western country to not recognise same sex marriage and this year the government delayed the vote again. Airbnb's purpose is "We believe in a world where people belong anywhere." But rather than talk about their purpose, they decided to live by it. The Acceptance Ring was created with support from world-renowned designer Marc Newson. The incomplete ring symbolises the gap in marriage equality we need to close and is intricately engraved with the words 'Until We All Belong'. Australians were encouraged to wear the ring until such day that same sex marriage is legalised - a day that we were grateful to have witnessed on 9 December, 2017.

AFLDon'tBelieveInNever.jpgAFL: Don't Believe in Never
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Despite coming off one of its strongest seasons ever in 2017, the AFL wanted to continue to increase its non-traditional fan-base, in particular attracting a new multicultural and female demographic to the sport. In an effort to grow the game, AFL commissioned Clemenger BBDO Melbourne to create a content series profiling the unique characteristics of the league. We created emotive, long-form films which told the human stories of the game, including the Richmond Tigers' 2017 Premiership season, Sydney Swans' Aliir Aliir's journey from a refugee camp in Kenya to playing AFL football and the Bankstown Bull Sharks, a multicultural team of school girls from New South Wales. By harnessing the power of inspirational content, we used social sharing and broadcast partnerships to bring our stories to a new audience. The work made a cultural impact across Australia but more importantly it drove conversation and attendance from an audience who had previously never interacted with this great game.

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