Jim Ingram's Cannes Diary #4

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 10.37.08 am.jpgJim Ingram, co-founder and creative director at Thinkerbell, is representing Australia on the Cannes Direct Lions jury. Ingram, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes exclusively for CB.

To the Thinkers and Tinkers of Thinkerbell, I haven't been in contact for the last 16 hours because I've been locked in a room to determine the metal for the Direct Lions for 2018. By 1am our Jury had finally reached a verdict. But unlike many awards judging situations, there were very little decisions made that weren't unanimous - the result of countless hours debating, discussing, watching case study videos, checking websites, and even phoning a weird Columbian phone number to validate and scrutinise the ideas.
Follow the guidance of our Jury President, the one and only Susan Credle, Global CCO of FCB.
Results: Some of the best creative ideas we've ever seen, including ideas that made us laugh, ideas that will change the world, ideas that will engage people for a long time after the media dollars have run out, ideas that were so simple we couldn't believe they hadn't been seen before - and of course, a Grand Prix that was all these things rolled into one.
See you all on Monday. Jim Ingram, signing out.


Emma said:

Toilets blocked again Jim. See you Monday.

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