Maggi challenges Aussies to cook more at home in newly launched campaign via Marcel Sydney

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.21.20 am.jpgAs people's lifestyles become busier and they tend to be eating out more, Maggi and agency Marcel Sydney are challenging Australians to cook and enjoy food more at home.
Maggi and Marcel have launched two 30-second TV commercials to introduce New Maggi Marketplace and kick off the new brand positioning that celebrates home chefs cooking healthy, delicious meals. Both executions feature an expert-chef-style voiceover guiding the viewer through the individual quirks and unusual culinary techniques of our Maggi cooks.
In one film a couple prepares a meal using rather unconventional methods of getting key elements into - and out of - their cooking pan. In a second execution, a woman uses her kitchen utensils in an awkward way as she prepares her meal. Both films feature new Maggi Marketplace products. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.21.28 am.jpgSays Grace O'Brien, creative, Marcel: "Cooking at home is rarely perfect and that's exactly what we wanted to celebrate with this new campaign. There are so many food shows, contests and docos out there, it can be intimidating for some people to even contemplate using their kitchen. It's exciting to be able to focus on the quirks, slip-ups and personal touches that resonate with us all. After all, if you've got a kitchen, you're a chef. Technically speaking."
Says Tracy Hardwick, marketing manager, Maggi: "As a nation, we're passionate about food, photographing what we eat more than ever before!  Yet busy lifestyles mean people are hard-pushed to find time during the week to cook from scratch. At Maggi, we have created several delicious recipe bases that are packed full of real and authentic ingredients, to offer Australians dinner choices that are fuss free and full of flavour.  We are even offering our first vegetarian meal solutions for those meatless Mondays!"
Client: Tracy Hardwick, Marketing Manager, Nestle Foods
Agency: Marcel Sydney
ECD: Wesley Hawes / Scott Huebscher
Associate Creative Director: Gavin Chimes
Copy Writer: Grace O'Brien
Art Director: Andrea Sarcullo
Account Management: Sabine Schusser, Donatienne Vaute
Planning: Iona Macgregor
Agency Producer: Holly Alexander
Production Company: Guilty
Director: Tony Rogers
Executive Producer - Jason Byrne
Producer - Tori Shaw
DP - Marin Johnson
Editor - Tim Parrington
Post Production - The Butchery


The clown again said:

'Cook the difference' is up there as one of the most bland positioning statements going. Could not one of the 80,000 on their app have written something better?

under cooked said:

anytime is a bad time to pr rubbish like this, but a week after Cannes???

So said:

I buy Maggi, it will create a massive mess and be difficult to prepare.

Joey Jo Jo said:

I like it. It doesn't take it self too seriously and let's not forget it's a Nestle brand so the brief was probably in the agency for 2 years and the client was too scared to take anything daring in to research.

Attention muppets said:

Yes it’s for Nestle and yes it’s well written and directed, good stuff guys.

Mary M said:

no wonder Foxtel are pitching the business after 4 weeks

hmmmm said:

You get what you pay for.

Ooooo Mary M said:

Tell us more...

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