Martin Sorrell denies Wall Street Journal report, says he didn't use WPP money for a prostitute

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AdWeek in the US reports that, according to a story by The Wall Street Journal on the weekend, former WPP CEO Martin Sorrell's recent resignation happened while the board of directors investigated allegations that he spent company money on the services of one or more prostitutes.

Through a personal spokesperson, Sorrell denied the claims but declined to elaborate, citing a nondisclosure agreement signed when he abruptly resigned from his position atop the world's largest advertising company two months ago.


Double standard said:

So you use the same NDA bullshit that your organisation employs to stop word spreading about the sexual predators you employ to not incriminate yourself.

Is that it? said:

Sure as Adam things have changed.

WPP Finance Dept. said:

My Sorrell, can you please provide receipts for "candy", "bubbles" and "leticia"?

Either way said:

This is very, very funny.

Father & Son said:

He looks like a priest in that black polo neck. Which just makes matters worse for me.

Jesus said:

I know, Martin. I know.

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