Unibet reveals the secrets of success for Aussie sporting legends in new content series via HooZu

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.02.47 am.jpgGlobal gaming operator UniBet, wanted to create an authentic and engaging campaign to highlight the platform's unparalleled athlete statistics and historical data.

"The Calculated Man", a four segment content series created by HooZu and Bohemia, shows players that using Unibet will give them the expert edge needed to take a calculated risk and place a better bet.

Featuring UFC champion Tyson Pedro, AFL hero Kane Cornes, NRL legend, Corey Parker and dual international, Lote Tuqiri, each segment reveals how one of these professional athletes functions as a calculated risk taker, then challenges the viewer to be calculated in their risk taking too.

The first video 'Tyson Pedro x Unibet Calculated Man' builds a personal connection between the viewer and Tyson by revealing that one of his biggest calculated risks was whether to attend a selective school or continue on his journey of fighting.

The campaign also shares intimate details about the players, such as their signature move and what helps them get in the zone before a big game or fight (for Tyson, it's having a boogey to Mariah Carey's music). The aim is to create more engaging content whilst also alluding to the unparalleled knowledge and data that Unibet provides its users with.

Says Mark Graham, head of content, HooZu: "The focus of the video was on distinguishing Unibet from its competitors by highlighting that its players have access to more of the statistics and historical data needed to make an informed bet."

HooZu and Unibet chose each of the athletes to appeal to a different audience segment, for example Tyson speaks to a younger audience that follows UFC, while Lote talks to a slightly older NRL crowd. HooZu Productions then wrote and produced videos that suited those audiences whilst still retaining the format and messaging to be an engaging and on brand piece of content.

Says Julian Timmins, head of marketing and operations, Unibet: "What we love about the Calculated Man campaign is that it accurately represents our brand and the key message that we provide players with access to more information, at the same time as having strong visual appeal and production value."

Within a five day period the initial video featuring Tyson Pedro has had a 40 per cent engagement rate on Tyson's social channels. The rest of the videos will go live over the next couple of weeks.

Client: Unibet
Head of Marketing and Promotions: Julian Timmins
Marketing Manager: Renee Kraakman

Media Agency: Bohemia
Content Director: Kate Kennett
Media Manager: Oliver Boyd-Lambert

Production: HooZu Productions
Head of Content: Mark Graham
Writer and Producer: Mark Graham
Director: Jon Baxter & Nick Stevens
DOP: Nick Stevens
Editor: Jordan Mueller
Animation: Shaun Bowden
Storyboard: Andrew Harrison

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