Traditional Media Vs Experiential Masters

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There, I said it.
Want more? "Print".
I'm not finished. "Radio"
How about a 24-sheet "Billboard"?

Watch as the boardroom cringes like oysters suddenly showered with lemon juice.

You just suggested 'Traditional Media' - as the tumbleweed rolls across the boardroom.

URBAN DICTIONARY: 'Traditional Media'
A jurassic form of communication targeted at people who don't matter and don't experience, engage, upload, download, hashtag, share, connect, scan, or interact with your brand.

Just saying the word 'TV' now says weakness, oldness, laziness...out-to-pasture.
It attracts the millennials like sharks in the agency smelling your drop of blood in their salt-reduced waters.

He'll be gone soon. #promotion
Traditional Media.
That thing we loved.
The thing that made directors, producers, crew, clients and agencies actually make stuff - and a profit.
People WANT to be 'traditional' and watch telly...(remembering that a computer screen is also a fucking telly).

We want to laugh - in the car.
We want to see an ad - and not have to follow any digital breadcrumbs.
We want to be (dare I say it) ENTERTAINED on the couch.
'Entertainment' - another taboo word.
We're not here to 'entertain' - our job is to 'educate' - to 'change the world'

Allow us a moment of craft, storytelling and 'fun'.
Make us laugh. Make us cry.
That's what traditional is good at.
It's a powerful 'Hit' that will always deliver.

I speak for those who feel 'traditional media' should not be beaten like a re-headed step child.
Because when it's gone people. Really gone.
We will be too.


Our new target are 'experience masters'
They put 'doing things before buying things'.

They, allegedly, don't watch that big square screen in 98% of homes around the world...or listen to that FM thing in 96% of cars...
They sure as hell have never seen the side of a bus before.
They're way to busy experiencing experiences and eating activated-almonds to worry about your obsolete engagement portals.

Truth is...
Experience Masters secretly LOVE to 'experience' crap like The Batchelor like the rest of us.

They 'experience' Radio on their road trips and sing 80's hits out the window like the rest of us.

And when there's a Maccas billboard beside the country road with a massive picture of a forest destroying, animal killing Burger, Fries and Coke - they're salivating like the rest of us.

Sure, there are a million new ways to communicate in 2018, thank God.
- Just sayn' that 'trad-med' is our old mate. Be nice.

Yours truly,


Sorry said:

But I hate

these line breaks.

I know we should celebrate different writing styles, but this was painful to read.

Matt said:

I'm not sure who you've been speaking too that's flogging 'experience masters' as the way of the future, but its simply not true. We have to accept that people are actively paying money to avoid what we spend our lives making - ads. Be it a Netflix subscription, Spotify or any other premium service, pay a fee to be ad free.

Yes most people have a TV, but they watch less commercial TV and stream more content ad-free or simply run ad blockers.If they don't want to be fed a traditional TV ad online then make something that entertains and doesn't feel like an ad.

Just understand the context of who your audience is, and how they use the channel - be it traditional or any other and you'll be fine.

Old Fart (but good) said:

Looks like I got out just in time.

Actiongirl said:

Bravo!! Finally someone calling out The Emperors New Clothes!! I’m sure they won’t get that reference either.

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