Australia ranks #5 in the world at D&AD; Revolver ranks #4 production company in the world

PR-Palau-Hero-PASSPORT-A_1920x1080.jpgD&AD has released the Most Awarded rankings based on the results of the 2018 D&AD Awards. The top lists include the Most Awarded Advertising and Design Agencies, Production Companies, Network and Country Rankings. Australia has ranked in at #5 country in the world with 31 Pencils. Sydney's Revolver has ranked #4 production company in the world.

For the first time in the history of the awards, individual rankings have been calculated for the Most Awarded Art Directors, Creative Directors, Designers and Copywriters.

Aussie creative Josh Bryer (ex Host/Havas, Sydney) is ranked #11 Most Awarded Creative Director in the world.

Daniel Fryer and Paul Bootlis from Host/Havas, Sydney have both ranked #17 Copywriters in the world.

Host/Havas, Sydney has six designers featured in the Most Awarded Designer rankings including Rhys Hobbs who has ranked #5 Designer; Serlina Wong, Nic Adamovich, Michael Macgregor and Dylan Reid have all ranked in at #6 and Pip Snelling has ranked in at #11.
Rankings are based on the credits that are submitted along with each piece of work entered in the D&AD Awards. Points are allocated as follows:

Wood = 3
Graphite = 6
Yellow = 9
Black = 12

If two or more agencies receive the same number of total points, the winner with the highest award tops. If results are identical, the same place is awarded, and the next number is skipped.

Looking across this year's results in comparison with 2017 figures, we note that Brazil, New Zealand and India have entered the top 10 country rankings, attesting to D&AD's extensive reach and highlighting the development of a traditionally Western-centric creative sector to one that is well and truly global.

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Says Tim Lindsay, CEO, D&AD: "Congratulations to all our winners. And a big thank you to all our entrants. Your support means we continue to put all our surpluses back into the community we serve, to help build a better, more creatively excellent, fairer and more diverse industry."

For the full breakdown of winners by category and Pencil level, including most awarded and country rankings, visit


Hey Gus & Paul said:

Not sure why you aren't listed under CDs as 11th, too.

You should be, as you were also CDs on Palau Project, and got the same number of pencils.

Maybe get in touch with D&AD...

Josh B

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