Chicken Tonight reintroduces itself to the kids of today in latest TV campaign via BC&F Dentsu

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 7.40.19 am.jpgEveryone agrees that Chicken Tonight is a family favourite - It's been that way since the 90s. However, what has never been properly settled is which flavour reigns supreme. With a broad range of flavours available it's not hard to see why. This year, Chicken Tonight decided it was time to find out.
With the help of Florence Noble and Eight, BC&F Dentsu brought together 26 Kiwi and Australian, self-proclaimed 'Chicken Experts' to lend their opinion to the cause.

Says Julian Ng, group brand manager, Simplot NZ: "While the kids couldn't settle on one flavour, we did achieve a great campaign that celebrates Chicken Tonight's part in dinner debates happening in family homes all over New Zealand and Australia."

Thanks to the experts' earnest answers and a charming edit, the 30" & 15" spots help reintroduce the iconic Chicken Tonight brand to a new generation of families, whilst paying homage to the nostalgic "I feel like Chicken Tonight!" jingle those kids of the 90s simply loved... and which is now probably stuck in your head.
Client: Simplot New Zealand Ltd.
Creative Agency: BC&F Dentsu
Production Company: Eight
Director: Florence Noble
Post: Toybox
Sound & Music: Franklin Rd


eerghh said:


Phil said:

No creative names. ALWAYS TELLING.

TheLeft said:

Imagine if it was a boy wearing a "boys rule" t-shirt...

LOL @TheLeft said:

Imagine if we lived in a world where we didn't feel the need to give our daughters t-shirts like this in a lame attempt to over-compensate for every other message they receive in society...that they are not equal?

Imagine if we lived in an equal society?

Imagine if you had self awareness of privilege?

Imagine if you had any insight?

You might be better at advertising.

The Judge said:

I agree with The Left. It's double standards.

As for LOL - I think you like playing the victim. Most women I know don't play the victim card to get ahead.

But hey, bring on the #OUTRAGE and the usual social media terrorism.

Oh, and the ad's crap but does have some nice touches.

@TheLeft said:

Maybe once we stop telling society that girls and women are useless commodities to be assaulted, raped, beaten, choked and murdered every time a man felt disenfranchised or 'robbed' by the world.

@The Judge: "most women I know". I don't think you really know the women you claim to. They probably think you're an outdated arsehole. But hey, bring on the #MALEOUTRAGE.

The Judge said:

@left. That’s a terrible way to talk about my daughters, wife, sister and mother. Do you hate your dad? Ring him and tell him your bitter and angry thoughts.
And, get off Facebook and exit your echo chamber, the world isn’t what you want it to be, which is that the world is against you.
Or, and you could stop playing the victim.
But maybe you won’t because it doesn’t suit your narrative.
Oh, and boys (and girls) rule.
Off to my men’s club now. Tonight is goat sacrifice night.

SeeYourDoctor said:


You need help. You're so far left that you're seeing enemies that don't exist.

This is not the way Australian society raises girls.

However. there are plenty of other countries with a culture of treating their women awfully, but the left is always very silent on the issue.)

pugwash said:

Thankyou 'ad men' for your lame #whataboutism. Proving again men ARE the problem, wherever they are, and are incapable of accepting that without excusing themselves or pointing at even worse men. Pathetic.

'the left' are not silent about abuse anywhere, prove it.

@pugwash said:

So when will you be protesting over the girl in Iran who was arrested as part of a crackdown on un-Islamic behaviour after she posted videos of herself dancing?


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