Luv-a-Duck makes recipe videos real with newly launched 'Duck Your Dish' campaign via Disegno

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 3.03.50 pm.jpgWith food brands pushing recipe videos on social media 24/7, Luv-a-Duck and agency Disegno have taken the popular procrastination pastime a step further to make the experience real.

In the campaign, titled 'Duck Your Dish', Luv-a-Duck and Disegno have created eight mouthwatering recipe videos for social media, releasing one each week, for eight weeks. With each video comes the opportunity for viewers to reinvent a tried-and-true recipe with duck, by getting its ingredients sent straight to their homes every week to try for themselves.

Says Kenneth Chow, senior account director, Disegno: "Duck has a perception of being really hard to cook until you actually get your hands on it. Our challenge was going beyond the familiar video format and just getting people to just try duck in a way that felt meaningful."

The campaign is extended in print, in-store, and other online food recipe sites where intrepid home cooks interact with similar recipes, at each stage encouraging them to step beyond their comfort zone and cook with duck.

Says Mark Malak, marketing manager, Luv-a-Duck: "Like other food brands, we've had a running stream of recipe content to inspire home cooks. But too often, people reach the end of the video and just listen to their stomachs grumble. Now we have a way to turn that inspiration into action so Australians can find out just how delicious duck can really be."

"It was a tough brief to do something different with recipe videos when the formula seems so set in stone. But we're really excited by what Disegno delivered."

Agency: Disegno
Art Director: Mark Fisicaro
Copywriter: Michael Yang
Senior Account Director: Kenneth Chow
Account Executive: Sonali Devan
Social Media Manager: Jasmine Wong
Film Production: Brave Media
Director: Christopher Benz
Food Styling: Kirsty Sands


Mighty Duck said:

The clues in the 'line' duckers. This is Duck'd.

Long Memory said:

Campaign Palace AMLC art direction.

Wow said:

Really... ?

Campaign Palace said:

Warren and Paul should raise an invoice.

How the duck could you? said:

That's one way to duck it up...

Hey sweetie, why don't we duck up dinner?

Shite said:

Hey! Let's make duck sound like fuck!

Yeah! Just like pork uses pork to sound like fuck!

You've cracked it!

@shite said:

Sadly pork still do this with their extremely tired and sad creative agency.

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