McCann Health fires Aussie expat global CCO Jeremy Perrott due to code of conduct violation

JeremyPerrott.jpgMcCann Health has fired Aussie expat global chief creative officer Jeremy Perrott for a violation of its code of conduct, with one source telling Campaign US it was due to allegations of "offensive and inappropriate language".

McCann has released the following statement, without specifying the exact nature of the violation: "We received a complaint about a violation of our Code of Conduct by McCann Health's Jeremy Perrott. As a result, following an investigation, he is no longer with the company

"Our foremost priority is to foster a workplace where people are respected and valued, and importantly, an environment where people feel safe and protected to come forward to report actions that run counter to our values and code of conduct."

Perrott's departure comes just one day after Ogilvy fired its global chief creative officer Tham Khai Meng following an investigation.
Perrott is an award-winning creative in his own right and has won a long list of awards including Cannes Lions, Andys, Mobius', Clios, Clio Health, Globals, RX awards and others.

He was Chairman of Judges at the inaugural Cannes Lions Health Festival in 2014 ~ an event he helped instigate ~ and has also been a keynote speaker at the Clio awards in Miami and Shanghai and also at the Harvard Club in New York.

He has served on other juries such as LIA, the Clio's and the Clio Health Awards, The Globals, IPA and New York Festivals amongst others.

He also created the United National Foundation Award, was a Global Ambassador for D&AD White Pencil, and founder and mentor for the Smash Program..

Under his watch, McCann Health has been recognized as the most creatively awarded
healthcare network in the world, four years in a row. Recently, McCann Health was named
Network of the Year by The Global Awards for the second year running, an organization dedicated to the recognition of creative & innovative excellence in healthcare communications.


Royal Commission Into Advertising said:

There's #metoo and then there's #f*ckyou. If it's the former, then off you go. If the latter, then it seems a bit harsh. I don't think I've worked in any agency where there wasn't a fair amount of colourful language, at all levels.

um... said:

does anyone know anyone who doesn't use offensive language?

JB said:

Really? Words? You can't handle words? I think we might just have jumped the f%$#1ng shark.

YIKES!!!! said:

Is this the state of the industry. You can really be fired for 'offensive and inappropriate' language? You're going to end up with a buttoned down introvert as your CCO and I don't think any of us want to see the creative output of a buttoned down introvert.

Depends said:

Who he told yo go and f@ck themselves, I suppose.

A male junior client stepping out of line and killing great work with idiocy, you'll still get away with.

Telling the Fembot CEO of one of your biggest global clients to pull her farkin' head in for instance, will rightly send you the way of Khai Meng done nowt, won nowt.

There'll be more of this across the holding companies in the following months, mark my words......

$#%@ this @!#$ said:

#$%^&@! hell this @#$% is #@$%^#

When did language becomes such a #$%^@## problem. Can't say !@%$ these days without someone getting their #@$%^ @!#$ in a knot.

No matter how many codes of conduct we write, there's still going to be some people you don't like working with, or some things you don't like feeling.

Stop being so #@$%^$# sensitive and get on with making some ads.

Here we go... said:

By my count that's six CCOs (so far) this year.

Pat said:

This is crazy! Jeremy is a legend.

IPGeeze said:

Holding companies can all go and fuck themselves.

Gaz said:

There is more to this.

Yeh nah said:

What individuals find offensive is pretty arbitrary... I've offended heaps of English c**ts at my office by saying they deserved to lose. Should I not be invited to their dinner party? Sure. Should I be fired, potentially costing me and my family millions? Of course, fucking not. Too much power is in the hands of too few.

Experience is a curse said:

If you’ve been in the industry long enough you’ll know Jeremy Perrott didn’t get fired for swearing. He got fired because the powers that be wanted him fired. The ‘offensive and inappropriate language’ spin ensures the agency is positioned as the good guys. MMS

Anonymous said:

Frees up some space at the top for some strong women.

Jack said:

Offensive and inappropriate language includes more than f**k and c**t, folks

Advertsing isn't PC said:

In my 6th month as a young writer, I called a Regional Account Director a F-?%-ing lazy bitch! She tried to make a federal case out of it. She got fired and I stayed.

In my 10th month, I stormed out of a meeting with our biggest client telling him: 'This is bull shit and I aint gonna take it!' And went to watch a movie.
The GM wanted me fired. The ECD gave me a bonus. And I became friends with the client who agreed it was BS.

Year later, I told my regional CEO that he was a MOFO after I caught him reading staff emails.

Sometimes, unseemly language is needed to underscore the situation. Know where and when to use it.

ffx said:

@Adverting isn't PC

I want to be a total badboy like you one day!

Oh dear: said:

@Adverting isn't PC

You sound like a real charmer.

Advertising isn't PC said:


This not meant to encourage bad behaviour.
I did what I did because I knew I was in the right or what was happening was unjust and someone had to put a stop to it.

Read the moment and know the consequences.
Never write cheques your body can't cash.

Of course it helps when your name is on the speed dial of every headhunter in town if you ever get fired.

Not quite said:

@Adverting isn't PC

I'm sure you're on the speed dial of every headhunter because they think 'this d*ckhead will be fired soon'

You're what they call 'fast food'.

Word Swords said:

@Advertising isn't PC

You're so cool.

PS It's just advertising. No one cares.

Oh dear said:

@Advertising isn't PC

So lovely for you to brag on a comments thread of someone who's been fired. Those actions are so cryptic, I'm betting anyone that's read it knows who you are

fires these people said:

I just wish stupid people would be fired, ones that ask pointless and irrelevant questions. Continually waste time.
Usually they just go further up the ladder and subsequently we swear a bit because they waste our time any end up driving us all F@#&(*% batsh*t

They’re also stupid said:

@fires these people

I get your point, and don’t disagree that there are plenty of people who seem to just get rewarded for incompetency.


I think you’ll find this long list of high profile firings in the last 6 months is, in fact, “stupid people getting fired”.

If you can’t adhere to behaving like an respectful adult. I’d say you’re pretty f***ing dumb. Being creative, eccentric, interesting, talented or just “good at your job” is no excuse nor reason to behave inappropriately.

Senior Suit said:

The most talented creatives I’ve worked with over 20 years were also some of the nicest people. They let their work do the work. They didn’t have to prove anything. The cunt creatives were always the weakest. Hiding poor ideas behind a tough and insecure exterior hoping that no one would challenge them.

@Senior Suit. said:

Well said.

@Jack said:

Totally agree, "offensive and inappropriate language" could mean anything.

I doubt a man that influential was fired for swearing at someone, unless it was a client.

I'm sick of agencies firing people, citing vague reasons of bad behaviour; and wanting a pat on the back for upholding the #metoo movement.

If they've done it, call it out so the industry knows exactly what kind of behaviour won't be tolerated.

On the other hand, if its a cover to sack someone for other reasons, an Agency can't make something up without proving it because they'll be sued to high heaven. So they then can't clean house and blame it on "inappropriate" behaviour.

Either way, transparency benefits all of us.The more vague agencies are, the more suspicious their motives seem.

McH said:

He's been around long enough to read a room. Me thinks someone is gunning for his job.

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