Personalised car buying service Georgie unveils new online video campaign via ScienceFiction

ScienceFiction_Georgie PR (3).jpgScienceFiction's latest project 'The New, New Car Feeling' is an animated video to help launch Georgie; a car buying service that will change how you buy a car.

With a new car purchase being the second largest investment most people will ever make, it's no surprise that what should be an enjoyable experience often ends up being stressful and time consuming.

Georgie offers a personalised car buying experience that saves you time, money and the hassle of having to visit dealerships. And, with their average customer saving thousands of dollars, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase; that new car feeling.

Produced by animation studio Motionlab, the video brings this idea to life, highlighting the benefits of having a personal car buyer and showing just how easy it is, ultimately allowing people to enjoy the best parts of buying a new car.

The video will be shown online including Georgie's new website.

ScienceFiction is an independent advertising agency based in Sydney using creativity and marketing science to produce distinctive work that helps brands succeed in a noisy world.

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