Targus marks brand reinvigoration with first-ever OOH media campaign via SomeOne + Uberbrand

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 8.02.48 am.jpgTargus Australia New Zealand has today unveiled its first-ever out of home media campaign, which will see one of the world's leading providers of best selling mobile technology accessories and carry cases drive increased brand presence across the Tasman, with a fresh look and reinvigorated brand proposition.

Showcasing how Targus connects people and technology, the campaign has been developed by the local arm of international independent brand design agency SomeOne alongside a media strategy developed in collaboration with Sydney-based integrated brand agency, Uberbrand and rolls out in capital cities both in Australia and New Zealand.
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 8.02.56 am.jpgThe high-impact digital, rolling and static advertising formats will feature within airports and alongside main roads into key cities, street talkers in high foot traffic areas, bus backs and shelters, and railway stations.

Targus ANZ general manager, Claire French, said Targus is already shifting perceptions in the market and has been dialing up marketing and brand activity across the board - including retail, digital, social and public relations - to supercharge awareness and affinity with both business and consumers alike.

Says French: "Targus is a brand known and respected for reliability and quality, but we also have strong innovation and style credentials, which we are looking to celebrate and showcase.

"We are a mobile technology global leader and have an amazing local product pipeline. To demonstrate this and aggressively take on the competition, we have been quietly stepping up our marketing across Australia and New Zealand to really connect with our customers and show how we are delivering best in market solutions."

Says Max Longstaff, creative director, SomeOne: "This is about putting Targus at the forefront of the conversation on modern work - matching consumers' varied needs with a unique breadth of product. The campaign creative looks to hero this and bring with it a story of empowering Targus' consumers to succeed, in whatever form that may be."


Sorry guys said:

That's not going to reinvigorate a fucking thing I'm afraid.

Piss poor said:

Perhaps there's more to the work than the two examples included, but this shit actually makes me angry. That some idiotic fly-by-night agency has wasted a bunch of money producing work that'll achieve exactly nothing.

Work better. How in fuck's name are they working better? This just looks like the office creep working on getting another colleague into the sack. And if this is better, what were they doing before? Sitting at the desk and staring at the wall? What are you telling me with this shit ad?

Do things your way? Presumably, her way is to stare at her bag like a zombie moron. What is this 'your way' of which you speak? Does that mean you get to choose the colour? What the fuck is this ad about? What on earth were any of you thinking?

This is not even shit, because shit is something and this is nothing. Honestly, what's the point of any of this?

wow ok said:

piss poor u ok hun? x

Zzzz said:

Yikes, that is really poor. Ambiguous uninspiring copy and bland stock imagery. The agencies involved should a word with themselves about the value they're delivering and charging for.

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