TBWA opens Adelaide office on back of prized South Australian Tourism Commission win

TBWAAdelaideRib.jpgTBWA has officially opened its doors in Adelaide to service the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), who awarded TBWA\ their portfolio earlier this year, after a competitive pitch. The event took place in the agency's new Adelaide home at 275 Rundle Street.
Joe Godsell has been appointed executive client partner of TBWA\Adelaide and will partner with James Siebert, senior producer and an Adelaide native, who returns home after 25 years. James has worked out of the TBWA\Melbourne operation for the past three years and jumped at the opportunity to 'go home to build his career and start a family'.
TBWA.Adelaide.18.07.jpgTBWA.Adelaide.PP.jpgTBWA.AdelaideCity.Backslash.jpgTBWAAdelaide.jpgTBWaAdelaide.P123.jpgpip3guy.jpgTBWAAdelaide.PPP.jpgTBWAAdelaideKW.jpgTBWA.Adelaide Agency1 .jpgTBWAAdelaideOutide.jpgTBWaAdelaideP2P.jpgTBWAAdelaideSATC.jpgSays Godsell: "Adelaide is an incredibly innovative and creative city with a raft of talent, who we're looking forward to working with and learning from.

"Success for us with SATC is more people recognising the beauty, and visiting this incredible State, which means more people enjoying everything the State has to offer. Our success leads to economic growth and we are going to put all of our energy behind it.

"On a personal note, I'm excited by the prospect of living in South Australia and my children calling Adelaide home; my partner's home city."

Said Kimberlee Wells, CEO TBWA\Melbourne and Adelaide; "The South Australian Tourism Commission is a highly regarded and respected brand, it's an honour to be working with such a visionary client who has set high ambitions for their product.

"South Australia has been a blind spot for too long. The food, the landscape, the nature, the beaches, the events, the entrepreneurship and of course the wine are all world class.  It's up to us to ensure this is known, experienced and shared.

"For TBWA, the opportunity to open an office in Adelaide is an exciting evolution to our growth. It brings with it growth for our people, growth of the SA economy and ultimately growth of our overall creative product as we get to know and utilise the incredible creative talents that already reside within South Australia.  

"TBWA\Adelaide will be an Adelaide agency with strong ties to Melbourne and our global collective. We are not trying to be a Melbourne agency in Adelaide. It's an important distinction to make and one of the reasons we are investing so much time into getting to know the local creative and marketing community. Together with them, we are excited to build an agency that meets the specific demands of the State."  

TBWA officially began working on the South Australian Tourism Commission on July 5 and has been tasked with the development of creative communications for both domestic and international audiences.
Says Rod Harrex, chief executive, South Australian Tourism Commission: "We are delighted TBWA, an internationally respected integrated creative agency has set up an office in Adelaide. TBWA gives South Australia access to an international talent pool and brings with them a myriad of new opportunities for the State.
"The South Australian Tourism Commission is TBWA's flag ship client in South Australia and we will benefit significantly from the fresh perspective and disruptive strategies which TBWA is set to deliver. We wish the TBWA Adelaide team all the best in building and strengthening their presence in the State."


Matty G said:

Onya Papa-Joe.

. said:

The work better be good for all this fluff.

@. said:

It's TBWA Melbourne.... the work won't be good!

Wow said:

Forwarding thinking agency making a big step into an undoubtedly emerging market.
Or just setting up an office and a telephone to appease the locals?

@posters said:

Seems to be a lot of people who are either bitter or jealous.

Whats wrong guys? Did you lose out on this work or something?

Oh yeah? said:

It's TBWA\ Melbourne, the work won't be good, it will be great!

wait a minute... said:

.... who's the hunk with the moustache?!! #ManMuffin #backOffNolsie

@Oh yeah? said:

Oh yeah? Examples?

Gosh said:

TBWA your optics on how these images come across are circa 1986.

Oh yeah, examples said:


Finalist - Australian Idol
Cannes Grand Prix - What about me
D&AD Black Pencil - Drive
One show Bronze - Learn to fly
Spikes Asia Best in Show - Shine
Glass Lion for Good - Don't Give Up
New York Festivals Finalist - Loud
MTV Teen choice Awards - Best Kisser
Mumbrella Award Finalist - In Pieces
MADC Bronze - Switch Me On
I'm a celebrity get me out of here - Finalist
Crazy Horse best in show - 2x Assault
Brown Cardigan - 2x Monday Munter
Your Misses - 2018
Your Mum - 2018

Stu said:

@oh yeah examples: Are you being sarcastic? I can't tell. TBWA Melbs has not won half of these awards as far as I know.

@Stu said:

Have you met my mate nollsy?...bit of a legend of the game.

Stu said:

Oh haha, gotcha.

Todd Os said:

Well done Joe. Congrats. Exciting times for Tourism SA.

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