Vizeum, Postercope + MINI Australia showcase latest 'Connected' model utilising digital OOH

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 7.32.16 am.jpgAs part of an integrated campaign by Vizeum Melbourne and Posterscope, contextually relevant digital out-of-home (DOOH) will be served via Posterscope's dynamic delivery platform - Liveposter - for the launch of MINI Australia's new Connected vehicles.

Delivered centrally, the campaign will showcase the flexible qualities DOOH provides via multiple creatives targeted with specific data overlays such as location, traffic, time of day and weather triggers such as rain.
The deployment of targeted digital OOH will help potential customers understand the range of benefits within the Connected vehicles such as in car real-time traffic updates, a concierge service and optional union jack brake lights. Heralding the entry of the model into the Australian market, it was important to demonstrate these additional services to consumers at the right moment in time.

The Liveposter platform will deploy multiple creatives across all media owner systems involved quickly and with ease from one location across numerous Roadside assets. Data profiles informed locations and creative execution, with key sites placed contextually in proximity to airports and stadiums.

Says Lauren Farquharson, business director, Posterscope: "We know from our research that message recall can be significantly higher when dynamic advertising is used. (Liveposter: 'The Dynamic Difference'). The launch of MINI's Connected model locally was a great opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of DOOH, providing a platform for synergy across other digital media."
Says Sophie Mylne, group client director, Vizuem: "Given ROI is such a huge focus in market right now, it's great to be able to make our digital OOH work that little bit harder for MINI: triggering consideration in another key moment along the consumer journey."

Says Alex McLean, national marketing manager, MINI Australia: "Being able to bring to life our creative concepts across digital large format has been a step change: realising the flexibility the Liveposter platform offers, and amplifying at scale. MINI has historically enjoyed being a quirky brand, so it is excellent to be able to incorporate unique creative that really demonstrates the USP of these vehicles, ultimately influencing drivers at timely moments."

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