Blum launches new nostalgic short film 'The Cabinet Maker' via Engine Room Productions

Blum (1).jpgTo demonstrate where quality hardware selections really come to life in a consumer's home, Blum, a European manufacturer of high quality furniture hardware and cabinet solutions, has just released 'The Cabinet Maker', a stirring film to promote its lifetime guarantee on products.
In conjunction with Blum, Engine Room developed the fictional short film that tells the story of cabinet maker Troy, who throughout his life fails to be satisfied by his work, only to realise as an older man from where his true source of inspiration should come - key moments of his life in the family kitchen.
Blum 2 (1).jpgTo emotionally connect consumers with the brand and to secure further trust from distributors, trade and commercial customers, the short film premiered to Blum's key stakeholders at a gala launch event. A teaser was also released on Instagram, driving viewers to the full film on Blum's website, and the film will also be used in Blum's digital strategy, along with being available in showrooms.
Says Damien Cassar, director and lead creative, Engine Room: "It's not every day that a client agrees to make a six and a half minute live-action short film. This was a unique challenge for us and we thoroughly enjoyed playing in this narrative space."
Blum 3 (1).jpgSays Kylie Peterson, national marketing manager, Blum: "The trust that our business partners and the consumer show in allowing our products and services into their businesses and homes is not taken lightly by us.
"As a brand our product development involves creating testing standards that not only adhere to national and global standards, but also to our own standards that have been devised from the observations that we conduct in every day kitchen use. This feeds into our lifetime guarantee on the hardware. However, what constitutes a lifetime? This short film has been created to bring this to life."

Client: Blum
National Marketing Manager: Kylie Peterson
Agency/Production Company: Engine Room Productions
Executive Producer: Adrian Hyde
Executive Creative Director, Red Engine Group: Dan Saunders
Director and Lead Creative: Damien Cassar
Producer: Georgia Mappin
DOP: Kevin Scott
Editor: Tristan Beacroft
Audio Post Production: Matt Sladen, Red Note


Thuglife said:

"To emotionally connect consumers with the brand ..."

I'm buying a f*cking metal hinge for the door Sharon!

Copy Desk said:

Holy crap. That was some truly abysmal storytelling. Sorry guys.

I can't believe how little I believed those characters and how little I cared. I respect trying to build an emotive narrative around a product/service offering, points for giving it a shot. But it doesn't ring true. It clangs, like a pot in an overflowing pot drawer.

Every cliche in the book. Schmaltzy. Oversentimental. That same piano piece every film student goes to to force in nostalgia so believably absent from the story. And why did his wife's accent change through the piece? Was it a stroke? Foreign Accent Syndrome? I believe FAS is real, but this piece surely was not.

What was the story? A guy driven by the pursuit of perfection in joinery is continually unsatisfied. Nothing meets his exacting standards until he discovers a kitchen so perfect he can finally find peace after the death of his father.

This guy is not believable as a cabinet maker. Using a table saw to cut through melamine isn't exactly the epitome of craftsmanship. Maybe 'the morose handyman' would have been a better title.

Neutral face emoji. Water gun emoji.

Marketing and PR: said:


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