Bonds transforms Dustin Martin into video game gladiator in new campaign via The Arc Factory

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.06.01 am.jpgIn the second installation of Bonds 'Killer Undies' campaign, Dustin Martin has been transformed into a 3D video game gladiator to promote BONDS' new Tech Trunk 'Killer Undies'.

The Tech Trunk 'Killer Undies' campaign is a new short video that was creatively executed by The Arc Factory and produced by Good Cop Bad Cop.

The new campaign launches across Australia this week and reflects the innovative technology behind the creation of the new underwear, which was developed in collaboration with Martin.

180502_BONDS_S01_197.jpgShot in a Melbourne warehouse, Martin battles through the CGI video game world as the champion gladiator, destroying advancing warriors and utilising his famous 'Don't Argue" fend. The Gamer is played by Maia, who Martin met after chasing his dog, Killer, through the streets of Melbourne in the first 'Killer Undies' campaign video released in February.

Designed in collaboration with Martin, Bonds Tech Trunks have been engineered to enhance the everyday. Including advanced quick-dry technology, innovative waist band and breathable mesh panels. The range features two styles, including a regular and long-leg trunk.

Says Emily Small, head of marketing, BONDS: "Dustin's contribution has helped us deliver a new and elevated product with real sporting pedigree. On or off the field it is a stylish, functional addition to the underwear drawer."

The Tech Trunk campaign includes in-store POS, online, OOH and digital.

Client: Bonds
Head of Marketing: Emily Small
Marketing Manager: Kelly McBride
Brand Manager: Kedda Ghazarian
Assistant Brand Manager: Taylah Johnson
Agency: ARC Factory
Creative Executive Producer: Peter Metzner
Account Manager: Crimson Dunstan
Photographer: Nick Leary
Hair & Makeup: Justin Henry
Stylist: Nicole Bonython
Film Production: Good Cop Bad Cop
Director: Marty Moynihan
Producer: Michael Metzner
DOP: Liam Gilmour
Art Director: Tim Burgin
Stunt Co-ordinator: Russel Frost
Stylist: Nicole Bonython-Hines
VFX / CG Supervisor: Mat McCosker
Concept Designs: Shannon Hoyne
Sound Design: Sonar Music


pugwash said:

oh dear just what you'd expect right down to the 'we will rock you with rap' soundtrack.

2004 called said:

They want their innovative, portable gaming device back.

Is this a parody? said:

when fashion shops attempt concepts.

Thuglife said:

When I want to buy undies, i just want to buy undies.

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