Clemenger BBDO Melbourne snares BMW to replace long-term client Mercedes-Benz

After a three-way creative pitch, BMW has appointed Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne to its creative account, replacing 20+ year incumbent Ogilvy.

The win fills the vacuum left after the global realignment of long-term client Mercedes-Benz into Publicis in February this year.

Says BMW GM of marketing Tony Sesto: "BMW Group Australia is on the threshold of launching a range of exciting new products in new segments, and so we sought an innovative creative agency to design and implement campaigns to support these initiatives.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Clemenger going forward and we anticipate continuing our strong growth in the premium automotive market over the next several years."


Let’s see how this goes said:

If history tells us anything, Clem’s will pull a rabbit out of a hat and actually make something with a client, that for 20 years with Ogilvy, has not made a thing.

Condolences to anyone at Ogilvy if they’ve been let go because of this.

Domination said:

The Clems Melbourne Empire continues to belt the shit out of everyone else in town.

Jon Bonjiovi, the rock music star and dependable account executive said:

Hi 'let's see how this goes'. "has not made a thing" Are you for real, champ? That's a pretty awful thing to say to the many people who have worked like crazy on the BMW account for all these years. I worked on it many years ago, so has almost everyone who's worked in Melbourne. It was difficult but rewarding work. So hard, I had to get my band back together. Your so called condolences are a tedious insult.

Easy win said:

Who were they competing against? Assume they shouldn't have bothered turning up.

@Easy Win said:

Ya mum's easy.

Gah said:

The cringe in this thread is palpable.

Johnny said:

Having lost Merc I'm sure Clems were desperate to win this. Bet they dropped their pants nice and low to seal the deal.

Hey Clems said:

Great place for a circle jerk!

Champagne J said:

No pants dropping required mother fuckers.
Clems is reassuringly expensive.

clem said:

good work, I wouldnt pitch if I knew clems were involved.

dogg said:

Iris been quiet for a while, but competing right at the top table for the first time, good 2 see

Mr Morgan not so happy said:

Clemenger might be creatively gifted and nice win on BMW, but this year alone they’ve lost Mercedes Benz and Campbell Arnotts. Tourism Australia and TAC are both being pitched... that’s gotta be a $20 million hole if they lose those as well. At least CHE is powering on... how times have changed...

"Can we make the headline bigger?" said:

Clems copywritters, get ready to have your copy written.
Clems Art directors, get ready to have your art directed.
Everyone else, get ready for a barrage of passive aggressive fuckery and half arsed briefs.


dead horse power said:

It will be interesting to see if Clem's can flog the proverbial dead horse power that is BMW's creativity

Munich said:

Welcome to the family, Clems. Can't wait to 'brief' you on work that MUST ABIDE BY CI (aka No need to shoot anything, just us our god awful 'global photography'). Also can't wait to screw you so far down on costs you have no wiggle room and can barely keep bums on seats. And the bums that are on seats are doing the work of 3 people. Can't wait for you to come in all energetic thinking you can get 'creative' with the work only to tell you that THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE is the best car in the business and doesn't actually need advertising. Can't wait for you guys to be bogged down by dealerships, who are the real power brokers. Can't wait for you to adapt global work with a tasty new Australian VO over questionable european footage. And then, after a few years of all this goodness, can't wait to put the account up for review again to see what other agency will drop their pants and their will to live.

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