whiteGREY Melbourne launches modern-day milk cartons to reignite the search for missing people

ALL_1_small.jpgTwenty of Melbourne's top cafes will serve takeaway coffees in biodegradable cups featuring the portraits of six missing Australians for MPAN (Missing Persons Advocacy Network) this National Missing Persons Week (5 - 11 August) via whiteGREY Melbourne.
In addition to the hand-held missing persons posters and cafe exposure, the campaign has driven high awareness for MPAN and the issue of the long-term missing, gaining widespread exposure on TV news channels, The Age, Broadsheet and across social platforms.
Created to raise awareness of the 38,000 Australians who go missing each year, "The Unmissable campaign replaces stark, grainy missing persons photos with human reflections and stories", says MPAN CEO, Loren O'Keeffe.
ALL_Naz front_small.jpgSays Sally Richmond, associate creative director, whiteGREY: "A collaboration between families, artists and writers, each heartfelt portrait goes way beyond the vital statistics to create a picture of the person behind them. With this campaign we continue to re-imagine traditional missing person's posters."Owen.jpg

Says Emily White, manager of Richmond's Pillar of Salt Café: "MPAN is a tiny charity supporting the families and friends of missing people, many of whom are searching for their loved ones through the worst kind of grief, ambiguous loss. It's a unique type of trauma I have personal experience with. We need to raise the profile of this issue. What better way to reach Melburnians than through their daily coffee and art?"Naz.jpg

MPAN, CEO & Founder: Loren O'Keefe
Unmissables Writers: Jo Abi, Lili Wilkinson, Belinda Smart, David Halliday, J.C.Burke, Paul Bugeja
Unmissables Artists: Diego Patiño, Kate Banazi, Janine Wareham, James Fosdike, Aaron Tyler, Allan Wrath
Agency: whiteGREY Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: Anthony Moss
Associate Creative Director: Sally Richmond
Associate Creative Director: Lauren Doolan
Design Director: Renee Luri
Designer: Lauren Bowen
Managing Director: Claudia McInerney
Project Manager: Holly Ryan


Yay said:

Nice one Sal and Loz!

Nice said:


Excellent said:

That is all.

Are you serious? said:

Designed to win awards, with helping people maybe a by-product. That 'Little Boy' illustration. You could walk past 100 kids a day that look like that and have no idea if they are the person depicted. All of them. A grainy black and white photo is far more likely to help the public recognise a missing person. But far less likely to win a craft award. The craft is beautiful by the way.

And @excellent. 'That is all' is about as passé as 'Said no one ever.'

Yasss said:

Good to see Sal, Loz & Mossy

Thuglife said:

finally a great example of good idea + good execution

nice work

MIA hipster said:

Will be useful to find those missing hipsters out there. Agree with the above: lovely craft and nice objects, but can't see how this actually does anything for missing people. Has the award show fingerprints all over it.

But... said:

Aren't we all using Keepcups now?

Shame on you. said:

Designer cups in 20 cafes in Melbourne. This isn't going to do a thing to help anyone and you know it. What low life's you must be to use peoples' pain to win an award.

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