Australian Eggs launches new integrated campaign via Banjo Advertising and Flint

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 8.44.45 am.jpgProduction company Flint along with director/photographer Jon Bader has helped highlight the universal appeal of the humble egg with a new campaign covering TV, outdoor, social and digital channels.

Banjo approached Flint to produce the spots which focus on the many ways an egg can be used to create a variety of dishes. With his food credentials, Bader was the natural choice to seamlessly move between directing the TV spots and shooting the stills.

The aim was to elevate the ubiquitous ingredient from simply a breakfast item to have appetite appeal at anytime of the day and anytime of your life. The centrepiece of the campaign is three 30sec TV spots that feature people at all stages of their lives cooking and enjoying eggs whilst showcasing multiple recipe ideas through the use of quick cuts and closeup food cinematography.

Agency: Banjo Advertising
Managing Partner: Andrew Varasdi
Creative Partner: Bruce Matchett
Senior Copywriter: Laurence Cronin
Art director: David Jones-Hawke
Copywriter: Serge Ozegovic
Group Account Manager: Smita Yagnik
Account Manager:  Alexandra Sherbon
Senior Broadcast Producer: George Saada

Production Company: FLINT SYDNEY
Director: Jon Bader
Producer: Renae Begent
DOP: Jon Bader/ JP White
Camera Op. Jason Paul White
Stills: Jon Bader

Editor: Brad Hurt

Post Production: White Chocolate

Sound: Song Zu
Sound Designer: Abby Sie & Alex Mills
Music: Ben Lam

Client: Australian Eggs
CEO and Managing Director: Rowan
Marketing & Communications Manager: Frances Jewell


FRIED said:

Cue... egg puns

Not bad said:

I eggspected worse. Oh I'm doing it.

The Shock Of The New said:

'New' --eggs!

What a discovery!


Where have they been hiding all these years?

Omg said:

What decade are we in?

Own Goal said:

They only won this business because Bruce Matchett has a head like an egg. He is a walking branded influencer.

Egg-scuse me! said:

Oh dear ... and I so do love an egg!
On the upside ... bright ... fresh ... feel good ... nice production values
On the down ... seriously un-original ... annoying sound track ... nicely produced wallpaper.

i said:

is this a yoke?

No Thx said:


Remember when said:

these guys won emerging agency of the year?
Coulda been a contender

Terry said:

I coulda been somebody

Nicely Cooked said:

Eggcellent work team Banjo / Flint.

Hmm said:

So, presumably the brief was 'Tell all newcomers to Planet Earth about the many things you can do with an egg.'

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