Berlei urges women to stop their boobs playing their own game in new spot via The Monkeys

g4WtLdPA.jpgBerlei has launched its Spring Summer 18' Sport collection with a provocative campaign via The Monkeys, demonstrating the impact different sports have on women's breasts when they are not wearing a supportive sports bra.

It's been reported that an astounding 43% of women are unaware that not wearing a supportive sports bra while exercising can contribute to breast tissue damage that can cause breast sagging later in life.
The campaign, 'Stop Your Boobs Playing Their Own Game', speaks to women of all ages, with a range of different breast sizes who play all kinds of sport. It aims to empower women to care for and invest in themselves by choosing the right sports bra for their chosen sport or favourite type of exercise.

QPDU0DRR.jpgThe campaign helps Berlei - celebrated for its Australian Institute of Sport tested bounce control sports bras - to reaffirm its category leadership position and aims to assert Berlei as a brand with true authority on women's breasts and how to8Phi0RKA.jpg support them while playing sport or doing exercise.
The campaign shares a simple but effective message aimed at educating women on the importance of good bra support irrespective of if they are walking, doing yoga, participating in cross fit or completing a marathon, with the tagline, Berlei The Best Support For Sport.
Says Andrea Michelle, marketing manager, Berlei: "From our extensive research and expertise, there was a simple truth that we knew better than anyone: not only do boobs move a lot during exercise, they also move differently in every different sport women play. Without the right bra women's breasts are getting knocked around almost as much as the balls they're playing with."
Created by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, the campaign launches this week on broadcast and digital platforms.
Says Barbara Humphries, creative director, The Monkeys: "When playing different sports, the right sports bra is as important to our comfort and performance as the shoes on our feet. A good bra does make a difference, and there's none better than Berlei."
Client: Berlei
Division Manager: Holli Michelle
Marketing Manager: Andrea Michelle
Brand Manager: Chontelle Clark
Creative Agency: The Monkeys
Group CCO & Cofounder: Justin Drape
Executive Creative Director: Justin Drape & Vince Lagana
Creative Director: Barbara Humphries
Senior Art Director: Chloe Banicevic
Senior Copywriter: Archie Murugaser
Group CEO & Cofounder: Mark Green
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Group Content Director: Kelly Spence & Kezia Quinn
Content Director: Shannon Duhig
Content Executive: Greig Carlow
Executive Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
Head of Planning: Michael Hogg
Strategic Planner: Charlotte Marshall
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Senior Broadcast Producer: Kaija Wall
Senior Integrated Producer: Sonia Ebrington
Junior Producer: Cathryn Cooper
Production Company: Revolver/ Will O'Rourke
Director: Leilani Croucher
Producer: Alex Kember
Executive Producer: Pip Smart & Michael Ritchie
Boob Ball Models - Odd Studio
Edit House: The Glue Society
Editor: Scott Stirling
Casting House: Citizen Jane
Casting Director: Natalie Jane Harvie
Sound Studio: Song Zu
Producer: Meg Drummond
Engineer: Simon Kane
Music: Level Two
Muisc Director: Karl Ritcher
Post Production: Heckler
Online: Heckler
VFX Supervisor: Jamie Watson
Executive Producer: Bonnie Law
VFX Producer: Amy Jarman
Colourist: Greg Constantaras
Media: OMD Melbourne
Business Director:  Kylie Pascoe
Account Director: Camilla Wallace
Account Manager: Jasmine Poole
Public Relations - MINT
Client Services Director: Miranda Bryce
Account Director: Ambre Harfod Birkett
Rochelle Wilkinson: Senior Account Executive


Mark said:

That's pretty good.

Mike said:

Fantastic work. Really really really smart. I'm sure we'll be seeing this one doing the rounds of the award shows over the coming year.

great said:

i love everything about this spot. Well done Monkeys. Hire me.

daz said:

Great work Cloe & Arch.

Old CD Guy said:

Very good.

A fitting (geddit?) development of the 'When the only thing you want to bounce is the ball' campaign by The Campaign Palace.

30 seconds... said:

...too long.

This said:

Is great

Well played said:

not often said in these parts but that is really good

never commented on here b4 said:

Never comment on here but this is so good i made the effort - Awesome.

twirl said:

love it archie and chloe

Little Lady said:

Brilliant work to all involved!! :)

B Cup said:

Where can I buy these boob balls tho

Bounce said:

This ad kind of makes me and my boobs feel uncomfortable. It reminds me of that weird walking tongue ad.

Killin it suit said:

Great job. This is gonna work it's ass off.

Motionlab said:

Great work guys! Love it..

Nice said:


Seeing double? said:

Lovely spot guys - in all sincerity, well done.
I'm assuming the hero talent didn't disclose she's the current face of Target's Run Wild campaign?

twinkle said:

Cool. Simple.
Shame the client made you put the humans in at the end.

top marks said:

For trying and succeeding. excellent job

Long term said:

It’s okay. But why didn’t they build on the idea they introduced last year. Why does every brand feel like they need new brand ideas every time? No wonder people don’t enter the effetcivness awards with such short term vision.

PS it’s too long.

Beatrice said:

Really f**king cool! Love the music as well.

Huge Journey said:

Awesome. Well done all.

Ex Monkey said:

Nice one Barbarabarabara.

Thumbs up said:

As an owner of a couple of these, I give this ad a very hearty two-thumbs up.

It's not exactly the same but... said:
@longterm said:

Show us your work?

Chingy said:

Brilliant. Onya Chloe et Archie et Barb et al.

@It's not exactly the same but... said:

Hi Jay!

ScenesByDean said:

Lovely job girls. Came to life beautifully.

Balls!!! said:

Love that Jockey balls spot!

Boom said:

Great spot guys

Hmmmm said:

It’s not exactly the same as Jockey but it’s very similar.

Australian advertising said:

This industry is seriously starved of inspiration.
If we collectively think this is groundbreaking then we all need new jobs.

Yes said:

This ad is tits.

Alliver said:

Hey @Australian Advertising,
I'm not sure anyone has said the work is groundbreaking. That's just you putting words in the mouths of people to start an unwarranted debate. You've elevated complimentary comments to suit your exaggerated, spiteful response. The fact that you feel the need to claim yourself as 'Australian advertising' says a lot about you. You clearly like trying to have some type of misguided authority like you are speaking on behalf of the entire nation. Funny. You are exactly what's wrong with 'Australian advertising'!
Don't be a dick. It may come as a shock to you but people are allowed to compliment work on this blog.

Good stuff. said:

Nice ad.
And a good show of diversity at the end.
Nice to see it also well supported with positive comments.

@Alliver said:

'Brilliant', 'Really good', 'Awards circuits' is the general theme of commentary.
I'm with @Australian advertising, you all need a reality check.

Well done said:

This is really fun and fresh and totally the tits!
Well done to Leilani and all the team behind you

Cam said:

Nice one C+A!

earth said:

my god that music is beyond horrible.

Skip W said:

great work guys.

I love boobs said:

The ad is just okay.

But ain't boobs brilliant?

Scott Dutton said:

It must be good. Even Old CD Guy likes it.

I don't know... said:

Imagine if it was a bunch of dicks flying around and the ad was for jock straps?

shaft said:

Please do a cock version just just for CAD

@ I don't know..... said:


Young Seedy Guy said:

Love it. Nice work to all involved. Wish their was more craft like this going around.

Dever said:

Great stuff Charlotte, Barb, and Chloe & Archie!

Yes said:

This ticks all the boxes of what makes a great communication..

Oh no said:

They’ll become the rubber boob brand. This is not great at all. Very creative but I doubt will work. Doesn’t build off the other work either.

Ugly said:

It's ugly and makes me cringe.

#freethenipple said:

I'd be interested to know if these are allowed to run on Instagram

Call Me Old-Fashioned said:

It’s been forever since a campaign can be summed up in a single key visual. Yet another hallmark of a really good advertising idea.

tutu said:


Jd said:

Absolutely revolting ad. I will NEVER buy your product again.. always bought berlie, but NEVER again. Well done to the marketing genius who did this. Dumb dumb dumb.

Perv said:

My family is shocked at your latest Free to air marketing campaign depicting breasts on the loose during physical activities.
I would like Berlie to venture into the men’s undies range and depict testicles bouncing around. I’m sure the men wouldn’t mind.
Your boob ad has definitely made me aware that Berlin will go to disgusting lengths to sell bras that l will NOT be buying.

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