Epica creates Topical and Real Time Ad category

EPICA-CREATES-NEW-TOPICAL-AND-REAL-TIME-ADVERTISING-CATEGORY_1536830552 (1).jpgEpica's latest category 'Topical and Real Time Advertising' celebrates the art of turning around an ad quickly to reflect the news.

As brand communications is now a 24-hour, "always on" affair, agencies and brands have to be as reactive as journalists. Whether it's a tweet, a post, a viral video or even a print ad in a newspaper, an ad that cleverly refers to a current event can attract multiple shares and global fame.

Says Mark Tungate, Epica's editorial director: "Topical and Real Time is a relatively new form of advertising that requires attention, risk-taking and close collaboration between agency and client. There's no room for bureaucracy and triple-checking if you want to catch that wave at its peak. Some agencies have the equivalent of newsrooms, constantly tracking events that may become material for a branded post or tweet."

Tungate said his favourite example was the "Brand Is Single" print ad from Norwegian Airlines, proposing cheap flights to Los Angeles I the wake of  a news story about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splitting up.

Says Tungate: "This straightforward ad in a newspaper was shared online all over the world," he remarked."

He added that brands occasionally attempt a reaction to an event and get the tone wrong, generating negative reactions.

Says Tungate: "This makes the form even more tricky. It's also very relevant to us, with our jury of journalists who are well-versed in tackling stories as they break."

The Epica Awards are open for entries until September 30.

For more information about entering: contact@epica-awards.com.

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