Nathan Lennon + Dave Gibson interview Micah Walker from 72andSunny on The Creative Relay

Micah Walker.jpgIn his first interview since returning to Australia to head up 72andSunny, Micah Walker sat down with Nathan Lennon and Dave Gibson to record the latest episode of the popular podcast, The Creative Relay.

Passing the baton on to Walker was an easy decision for his two former creative team members, who are now the creators and owners of Hawke's Brewing Co. Like Lennon and Gibson, Walker has worked in Australia, Europe and the US, and has also launched his own product outside of advertising.

But despite this common ground, Lennon explains there was a more fundamental reason for the boys to choose Micah as their guest.

Says Lennon: "Micah was our ECD at Mojo, so even though we're mates and we've worked closely together, he still remains a bit of a mystery to us."

In his revealing interview, Walker reflects on his motivations for pushing himself towards new challenges throughout his career.

Says Walker: "If you get to a point where the day to day victories aren't enough, then make a change. It's kind of why I left and also why I came back."

Having worked with some of the greats of advertising around the world, Walker offers a fascinating insight into the importance of culture within an agency and how he hopes to shape 72andSunny, Sydney.

Says Walker: "I wanted to come back to a place where I could make a significant difference. With 72, there's a mission, but no blueprint. So how we get there is totally up to us."

For Dan Higson, creator of the podcast and producer at Smith & Western, Walker's chat with Lennon and Gibson is one of his favourites of the series.

Says Higson: "We were so lucky to get Micah so soon after his return to Australia. He obviously knows a lot about the local industry, but still brings a fresh perspective to how he wants to do things."

For host Paul Dunne, Walker touches on some themes uncovered in previous episodes.

Says Dunne: "I think Micah's advice to young creatives in this episode is expressed brilliantly. He reminds us again of how important it is to make work that has your own fingerprints on it."

This episode, along with earlier podcasts, is available now on iTunes or at The next episode featuring Walker interviewing his creative of choice is scheduled for release later this month.


Stu said:

This is so great.

Pashdoggs said:

I love my Dad, he's so smart!

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Jonesie said:

Proud of you Dad

pugwash said:

A podcast created to remind everyone you can't be cynical enough for this biz.

Bloke said:


I thought he sounded pretty passionate about the job... yet honest enough to say sometimes you hate it, especially, as seemed the case in his early years, if an agency has its heart in the wrong place.

Killin it said:

Love you, Daddy

pugwash said:


the s+w podcast, not Micah.

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A comment to remind everyone you can't be cynical enough for this biz.

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