BetEasy raises the game in new campaign via The Monkeys featuring cricket legend Ricky Ponting

BetEasy.jpgBetEasy has unveiled an action-packed campaign created by The Monkeys Melbourne, part of Accenture Interactive, which calls on punters everywhere to 'Raise Your Game' with the newly rebranded online betting agency.

Directed by Paul Middleditch of Plaza Film, the launch film features brand ambassador and former Australian cricket player Ricky Ponting raising his game like never before as the hero in a series of dramatically filmed competitions; from NFL to soccer, ice hockey and chess.

Says Ed Owens, chief marketing officer, BetEasy: "With the coming together of William Hill and CrownBet we have more to offer than ever before, it's also re-affirmed our commitment to being a cut above the rest.

BetEasy 2.jpg"Our emergence as BetEasy gives us a chance to demonstrate what our new entity is all about, a genuine love of competition and the thrill of live sports."

The campaignBetEasy 3.jpg will roll out in the coming weeks during Spring Carnival across broadcast, out of home advertising, digital, retail, press and social channels.

Says Grant Rutherford, ECD, The Monkeys Melbourne: "Getting to work with Ricky again was a real pleasure. And he's the perfect embodiment of the Raise Your Game platform - the man's literally bloody good at everything."

Client: BetEasy
CMO: Ed Owens
Head of Brand & Advertising: Anna Cahill
Marketing Manager: Brand & Campaigns: James Burroughs

Agency: The Monkeys Melbourne
CCO: Ant Keogh
ECD: Grant Rutherford
CEO: Paul McMillian
Art Director: Zenon Predecki
Writer: Cody Naetzker
Head of Strategy: Mike Derepas
Planning Director: Gareth Evans
Group Content Director: Jaimee Kerr
Content Director: Ashley Wolff
Content Manager: Marissah Oakley
Head of Production: Romanca Jasinski
Senior Producer: Pip Heming
Senior Producer: Jacqui Walker
Production Company: PLAZA
Director: Paul Middleditch
EP / Producer: Peter Masterton
DP: Daniel Ardilley ACS
Production Designer: Sal Boucher
Stunts Supervisor: Lawrence Woodward
Costume Designer: Natasha Harrison
Offline Edit: The Editors
Editor: Bernard Garry
Producer: Olivia Reddy
Post Production and VFX: BLOCKHEAD
VFX Supervisor: Richard Betts
VFX Producer: Dawn Walker
Sound Design: Nylon Studios
Head Sound Designer: Paul Le Couteur
Executive Producer: Ceri Davies
Sound Designer: Ramsay De Marco
Producer: Alice Vanderwey


Damaging the brand said:

Monkeys Melbourne continue to produce a pile of absolute poo.
Surely the Sydney office is starting to ask a few questions?

Clap said:

The best, big betting campaign launched in recent memory.

It was the only ad during the AFL grand final that my mates actually paid attention to.

Yawn said:

No edge to this one. Other than a tricky face-paste job it's just another room temp execution

Monkeys Melbourne said:

The answer to the question 'I wonder what would happen if you staffed an agency mostly with adland has-beens'

Old CD Guy said:

Maybe I'm getting soft, but I quite like this.

MR said:

Kind of fun. I'm sure kids will love it.

A Dad said:

Yes MR ,sadly the kids probably will.

Henry Innis said:

This is great! Certainly got the message through to this punter.

Rubbish said:

Not only has this been done to death (see the Premier League ads for Sky Sports UK from a few years back) it's also been done considerably better. How is this ownable for this brand? Utter rubbish.

Yuck said:

The fact Henry Innis likes this says it all.
I predict a management clean out at the Monkeys Melbourne within 12 months.

Mark G said:

Ha, 12 months? I'd give it 3.

With all due respect said:

The ad isn't bad.

But, did someone just call them has-beens?

Good grief, you must be good, to have that level of impudence.

milly said:

F'me. Is this great, no. Does it warrant some of the scathing comments above, hell no.
It's a good, solid (not great) ad and It will probably work it's arse off.
Don't poke the Monkey.

Hey Milly said:

Poking the monkey is fun.
They've lost Holden and haven't made the TAC shortlist.
Lots of people think that's quite funny. Although you'd assume the Sydney Monkeys don't.

Old Thingummybob said:

The greatest flaw in this category is branding. As mildly entertaining as this spot is, all ads in this category are interchangeable. Not that I care, because betting and betting advertising are abhorrent.

No TAC said:

Hardly surprising, none of them ever worked on it. Although one of them had his name on the Graham credits regardless.

So much shade out there said:

So many cunts in Adland.

The commoners will remember this spot and remember the brand. Is it a Cannes Lion? No. But its memorable for the target audience and entertaining.

Anyone would think we were still talking about the Budget Direct ad.

*chucks up in corner*

WOW said:

So much garbage being spewed on this thread.

Anonymous said:

This ad seems to be getting lambasted, but I’m looking around trying to find better work in Melbourne and Sydney. (Not saying it’s great, but who’s doing sooo much better?) People are declaring the monkeys Melbourne work as inferior to monkeys Sydney. But what have Sydney done lately that’s setting such a high bar?

The criticism is completely unfounded. Also, let’s be honest, all things being equal this is excellent work by comparison to the awful crap for every other gambling brand. Not saying much, but there you go.

The best work coming out of AUS right now are those cute little activation things that no real person ever sees.

Feel free to furnish us with substance to your claim, if I’m off the mark.

BBDO said:

I’m guessing most of this snake venom is being thrown by bitter angry Clem BBDO managers because it reads like a truckload of personal attacks, and they’d be the only people who would get so bitter. No one else gives a shit. Or would have any reason to be so damn disrespectful.

TAC said:

Why the fuck would you want to work in another boring piece of average government business anyway? Isn’t the point of starting something new, doing different things?

Seen it said:

Kinda like a crappy version of that AFL ad. But good on them for getting something on air for a tough, boring client.

Ease up said:

Commenting on the ad is your prerogative. Making personal attacks on people and their career is disgraceful. Who the f&$# are you to determine whether someone is or is not a has been? It's absolutely appalling behaviour towards anyone, let alone against some of the industry's greats. Who are these people?

@TAC & @Ease up said:

Deny it all you want, but you wanted TAC badly. It would have been a lovely F U.
And to call yourselves 'industry greats' says it all.

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