MADC Creative Showcase launches 'Meet Grant' film via Cummins&Partners and //Thirteen & Co

unnamed-2 (1).jpgCB Exclusive - To promote the November 1 event, principal sponsor //Thirteen & Co and Cummins & Partners have created a film titled Meet Grant: The Only Person Designed to Survive Advertising.

The parody of Melbourne's beloved and universally awarded work, 'Meet Graham' is supported by a poster series depicting spoofs of other famous Melbourne-born campaigns to support the theme of 'You can't beat the original. Melbourne's original awards show is back.'

The film was directed by Armand de Saint-Salvy of //Thirteen & Co.
MADC_STARS_posters1 (1).jpgSays Adrian Bosich, MADC president: "The MADC Stars are a celebration of Melbourne's originality and creativity. Whilst the new night will showcase the best Melbourne work of the year, the tone will have a relaxed, casual atmosphere."

Says Chris Ellis, MADC: "Putting on parties for fancy advertising types with expensive tastes, is well... expensive. But thanks to our generous sponsors, tickets to this year's party - which includes the MADC Stars Creative Showcase - are just $50."

MADC_STARS_posters2 (1).jpgThe November 1 party at Forester's Hall, Collingwood is also presented by Mr Fox and Bang Bang Studios. For tickets visit

Client: MADC
Agency: Cummins & Partners
Creatives: Chris Ellis, Heath Collins, Liam Jenkins
MADC Stars sub-committee: Adrian Bosich, Ed Howley, Elle Bullen, Tracy Proposch, Nicky Finlay, Tony Prysten
Thanks to: Matt Stoddart, Connor Beaver, Sarah McGregor, Emma Robbins.

Production Company: //Thirteen & Co
Director: Armand de Saint-Salvy
Producer: Charity Downing
Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Post production: Hogarth
Motion Graphics: Kane Dixon
Post Producer: Cat Park
Audio Mix: Bang Bang Studios
Sound Designer: Rob Stephens
Sound Producers: Polly McGregor/Holli Dee


That is said:

actually quite funny.

twirl said:

Very funny indeed. Can't wait for the party.

Lol said:


Not Cummins Person said:

I have to say...i like this a lot.

I also have to say..the work from these guys lately is really really good. The Specsavers bit, Movember, Stop The Horror, and now this.

Quite an impressive suite.

(Pause) shoot me down!!

Inner north creative wanker said:

Thank fuck it's being held north of the river.

Southside has been done to death for advertising events.

And good craic on the promo video. Sobbing in the shower is my go to for finding 360 degree funnel channeling platform ideas.

Pat. On the back. said:

Very funny. Hats off.

Medium aged CD guy said:

'Facebook' Lol.

Count said:

Nice one Bants!

Little Lady said:

I laughed! Then I cried.
Too true, and bloody well done guys.

McGregor said:

This is so bloody good. Hats off to the director Armand de Saint-Salvy, Thirteen & Co and the creatives. Well done.

Been done said:

This is the same idea as the 1980’s anti-advertiser commercial ‘Natural Born Wanker.’

Hail to the King Parrot said:

Metal forever.

Az said:

@Been Done

Agreed, it's totally been done before:

Apart from that, 'tis funny. Well done.


Bails said:

Armand and gang, bloody brilliant!

Observe said:

The ad industry is never funnier than when we’re targeting ourselves.

This is not a compliment.

Discerning option said:

This is good.

Aussie Metal said:


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