The cream of the Brisbane ad industry out in force at the CB Brisbane Legendary Lunch ~ generously sponsored by Alt.vfx and Taxi Film

44843787_10158389613809848_4118402564850974720_n.jpgThe cream of the Brisbane ad industry are currently out in force at the second annual Campaign Brief Legendary Lunch at the fabulous Kingsleys restaurant in Brisbane.

The lunch is once again generously sponsored by top visual effects company Alt.vfx and film production company Taxi Film


43508927_10158389614769848_2024216007840628736_n.jpg 43626600_10158389615054848_6244450172810559488_n.jpg 43647279_10158389613589848_6490144992453984256_n.jpg 43680893_10158389615249848_8724270938406780928_n.jpg 43753711_10158389615059848_1597654437415878656_n.jpg 44677264_10158389614289848_3323410496387809280_n.jpg 44687713_10158389615464848_7528927681040089088_n.jpg 44698406_10158389614784848_2275377169800626176_n.jpg 44705772_10158389615269848_1659923723676811264_n.jpg 44710534_10158389613594848_7589923294749392896_n.jpg 44717973_10158389614264848_2813589455921741824_n.jpg 44719432_10158389614494848_2355531155148636160_n.jpg 44725788_10158389613789848_7531086722445082624_n.jpg 44735410_10158389613814848_4871761324880691200_n.jpg 44747987_10158389614079848_689288980528627712_n.jpg 44757163_10158389613604848_3380442160225583104_n.jpg 44766298_10158389614499848_7138700593341661184_n.jpg 44768071_10158389615234848_7878211618599862272_n.jpg 44775381_10158389614479848_591800494289059840_n.jpg 44783377_10158389614319848_1938989687590879232_n.jpg 44790465_10158389615264848_3907481578552426496_n.jpg 44795331_10158389614039848_7767436002490056704_n.jpg 44797829_10158389613584848_7781789199077736448_n.jpg 44807384_10158389613764848_3469534118545457152_n.jpg 44815410_10158389615014848_6019596127920193536_n.jpg 44830467_10158389614474848_2225467334833733632_n.jpg 44838472_10158389614034848_2499885199240724480_n.jpg  44712463_10158389614744848_5994218647931846656_n.jpg44866142_10158389615019848_4589116562287362048_n.jpg 44887175_10158389614274848_4068133339905654784_n.jpg 44893304_10158389614774848_392921247668764672_n.jpg


420blazeit said:


Fan of the Parko guy said:

Who is the genius who consistently comments on Chelsea related posts here? Please continue the strange chat you legend.

Steph said:

Nice pictures!)

Another fan of the parko guy said:

Keep blazin it you legend!

Melbourne: 14°, Partly Cloudy said:

Fuck I miss Brissy.

Fuck I miss Brissy said:


Anyone in Brissy wanna give me a job? said:

Art Director with two rusted silver lions from years ago here...

Small town said:

Same old cream

420blazeit said:

Cheers for the support lords.

Parko's a dead set visionary and loves supporting Arsenal. Her favourite player is Ozil. Fuck how good was that third goal he set up against Leicester the other night. Fucking weird they didn't play him much in the World Cup. Dad said he was being a bit of a cry baby about it or something? Can anyone confirm?

No Phil McDonald? said:

Clearly not the cream of the crop then.

No Phil McDonald? said:

Ahhh check 1:05 and 2:45 of the video mate - in there twice. Bet you feel a bit silly now.

Nancy said:

Thanks Taxi, Altvfx & CB for such a fun day. Great vibe, great people. We missed you Christy :)

Al said:

Well done Taxi and Alt

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