The University of Newcastle shows why the 'world needs new' in latest campaign via Special Group

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 7.02.08 am.jpgThe University of Newcastle has released the next iteration of its 'World Needs NEW' campaign via Special Group, through a stylised film generated from past and present student achievements.
From searching for a treatment for pancreatic cancer with a sea sponge to applying physics and engineering to animation at Disney, the single-take film features current students, research graduates and university professors. Shot on location in the Hunter region, it showcases the global impact the university has and will continue to have with the right students with the right mindset. To create cut-through on par with the University's educational style, it's filmed to feel like an innovative university project--compared to the endless montages you so often see promoting universities today.

Says Tom Martin, ECD and partner, Special Group: "We wanted to give the University a more active role in their global impact stories, ensuring that it includes not just tangible breakthroughs, but the creative, open-minded approach that got them there. It gives prospective students a clearer idea of the personal and potential global benefits of studying at UON."

Says Tracy Chalk, chief marketing officer at the University of Newcastle: "We were delighted to provide nearly 30 of our students, researchers and alumni an opportunity to tell their story, and participate in the production of the film. It's a wonderful reflection of their work, and the University's real-world approach to student experience."

The campaign also includes cinema, social, outdoor, digital and print executions.

Client: University of Newcastle
Chief Marketing Officer: Tracy Chalk
Marketing Brand Strategist: Tina Imig
Marketing Advisor: Stephanie Venz

Creative Agency: Special Group
CEO: Lindsey Evans
Managing Director: Cade Heyde
Strategy: Celia Garforth
Executive Creative Director: Tom Martin
Executive Creative Director: Julian Schreiber
Creative: Josie Fox
Creative: Michael Punton
Account Director: Marty Scerri
Executive Producer: Paul Johnston
Producer: Nick Lilley

Production Company: Revolver/Will O'Rourke
Director: Richard Bullock
Managing Director/Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer: Pip Smart
Producer: Ian Iveson
Director of Photography: Peter Eastgate
Art Director: Helen Fitzgerald
Make Up: Mat Hornby
Wardrobe: Louise Spargo
Editor: Philip Horne
Post Production: Heckler
Casting: Citizen Jane
Music composition: Dylan Glassop
Audio: Rumble Studios


Move along. No creative to see here. said:
Awks said:

So much money spent on a bad copy of other people's work. Embarrassing.

teacher said:

world needs grammar.

Fark said:

This is exactly what you don’t want to be known for. You’ve directly ripped off someone else’s creative. Directly!

Surely the director at some point said ‘woah, I think this is a bit close to that video clip?’

Creative and production should both be embarrassed.

uuggghhh said:

Plagiarism in it's truest form. Wait until the original director sees this.

... said:

I tend to agree with the above comments. There’s a bit of an unwritten law that advertising can borrow themes and techniques from the arts, without ripping them off completely. Unfortunately for The Specials and Revolver, this is taking it too far and it’s quite rightly been called out. If I were the original creator I’d be asking for an explanation.

😬 said:


Pauline Hanson said:

Please explain?

The Irony! said:

The world needs new.... so we took an old idea and put our logo on it. PR disaster

What a mess said:

I can't believe how much brands pay for other peoples ideas. This is pure disgusting work. I'd ask for my money back. Surely the client could google ideas like these guys did. Lazy.

Executive Rip-off Director said:

Well done!

Far Out said:

1. If you’re going to use someone else’s idea, at least engage them to make your version.
2. If you have a tag line ‘The world needs new’ then do something new.
3. If you rip off someone’s work after claiming ‘the world needs new’, don’t PR it.

wow said:

I think the creatives who write on this blog are fucking insane and jealous.

Its a nice ad and not that close at all to the referenced stuff.

@ wow said:

1) you cant see whats happening, so none of the stories are done justice
2) the idea hasnt been executed, because the execution isn't 'new'
3) therefore the execution is the idea, and it's been stollen from someone else
2) the slow motion is glitchy and not nearly as smooth as it needed to be
3) you couldn't rip closer to @stollens reference if you tried

The end.

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