Vaalia goes to yoghurt court in new 'Full of Feelgoodness' campaign via The Monkeys

Vaalia_Still01.jpgVaalia yoghurt is both tasty and full of goodness. The trouble is, nobody believes a yoghurt can be both of these good things. Naturally, the only way to prove this was in the 'Court Of Yoghurt'.

Created by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, this is the first spot for Vaalia under the new brand positioning 'Full Of Feelgoodness', which will continue to find memorable and entertaining ways to deliver product benefits in a category overloaded with slow-motion yoghurt swirls, smiling spokes-models and weird digestive diagrams.

Directed by Photoplay's Gary John, 'Court of Yoghurt' launched recently across broadcast television.

Vaalia_Still02.jpgSays Barbara Humphries, creative director, The Monkeys: "This new platform shows Vaalia has a key ingredient mostly missing in the yoghurt category - a sense of humour. We wanted to have some fun, whileVaalia_Still03.jpg still making sure the brand stays top of mind."

Says Angela Burr, marketing director, Parmalat Australia: "For years Vaalia has been bringing Australians a range of yoghurts that taste indescribably good and are full of dairy goodness. This new campaign celebrates that Vaalia feeling - 'Full of Feelgoodness'."

Client: Parmalat
Creative Agency: The Monkeys, Sydney
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder: Scott Nowell
Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana
Creative Director: Barbara Humphries
Senior Copywriter: Tim Pashen
Senior Art Director: Scott Zuliani
Business Strategy Director: Kit Lansdell
Group Content Director: Ciaran Miller-Stubbs, Kelly Spence
Content Director: Shannon Duhig
Senior Content Manager: Demi Nielsen
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Producer: Sally Lankshear
Production Company: Photoplay
Director: Gary John
Executive Producer: Oliver Lawrance
Producer: Bonnie Fay
Post Production: The Editors
Sound House: Song Zu


Phil said:

That's one I wouldn't be putting on my reel.

Honest said:

I like it. Well done all.

A person said:

Just a bit of an easy trope that could work for any brand. Done well within that, however

Nick said:

This aint no Daiken aircon commercial

Rob said:

On the positive side, it's way better than the usual bland cheesy rubbish in this category. Plus it's also well executed.

On the negative side. It's still bland and cheesy.

Zlatan said:

First I went left; he did too. Then I went right and he did too. Then I went left again and he went to buy a hot dog.

Ian said:

Simple, direct, funny, memorable, the right amount of odd for middle Australia. This'll do good things for the brand.

Cam said:

It's nicely executed & very entertaining. For a yoghurt ad it's surprisingly good...

Old CD Guy said:

How utterly corny, tired and cliched.

All that's missing is a bewigged judge wrapping it up with "You be the judge!".

@oldCDguy said:

Sounds like someone's a little bloaty today.

Oh my god said:

It's so Bad.

Stale mate said:

For one of the worst clients in the country this is a win.

Dairy me said:

Yoghurt with ham, cheese and extra corn.

This is so shit said:

And wtf with the jingle thing at the end? It was already bad, and that made it worse.

Cynic Al said:

I don't understand why being thick and creamy is seen as mutually exclusive to full of dairy? What would it be full of if not dairy?
Is this really an insight on the yoghurt category?
Mind you The Monkeys quote suggests they were a bit underwhelmed with this one too.

mozza said:

Yuk. Full power cheese fest.

Now a con consumer. said:

WTF!! I'm addicted to courtroom drama's but this is one I hope I never see again.

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