Holden Acadia says 'don't just turn up, arrive' in latest creative campaign via AJF Partnership

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 10.46.52 am.jpgHolden's brand rejuvenation is taking another significant step forward, with the launch of the Holden Acadia advertising campaign: Holden Acadia. Arrive, developed by AJF Partnership.

The campaign builds on the bold styling and road presence of the Holden Acadia, suggesting to drivers that they "Don't just turn up. Arrive."

Holden marketing director Kristian Aquilina said the all-new Holden Acadia - as well as the Equinox also launched this year - rounded out a comprehensive range of SUVs for Holden, which also includes the Trax, the Commodore Tourer and the Trailblazer.

Says Aquilina: "For many years, the Holden brand was synonymous with family sedans. But now SUV's are the biggest and fastest growing segment in the industry. Holden sources SUVs from the world's leading truck and SUV company, General Motors, and the Acadia is a great example.

"The Acadia has all the swagger and impact you associate with making a red-carpet Hollywood arrival. And our new Holden Acadia. Arrive. campaign picks up on this theme well, while also making it both fun and relevant to Australian families."

The Acadia had already proven very popular with motoring media and with customers, with strong pre-orders ahead of it going on sale in Australia today, 12 November.

Says Aquilina: "Pre-order interest in Acadia has been really strong. Acadia's bold looks are combined with the latest infotainment and safety technology, a premium and versatile interior, and powerful and agile driving performance fine-tuned by Holden's local engineers.

"This campaign is another example of Holden changing its style of communication. The Holden Acadia. Arrive. campaign highlights the vehicle's strengths, while also including the sense of fun and humour that has been part of Holden's DNA forever.

"We believe this campaign and the vehicle will resonate strongly with customers as we continue to evolve the Holden brand and talk about our SUV credentials with Australians."
The Holden Acadia is priced from $42,990 drive away and customers can arrange a test drive at Holden dealerships now.

AJF Partnership A GrowthOps Business
ECD/Founding Partner: Adam Francis
Creative Director: George Freckleton
Creative Team: George Freckleton (CD) & Glenn Dalton (CD)
Head Of Film Production: Roz Ruwhiu
Group Account Director: Magda Majorek/Bryce Coombe
Account Director: Alister Mew

Production Co: Goodoil
Director: JH Beetge
Producer: Chana Mclallen
EP: Simon Thomas
Post Production: The Editors
Offline Editor: Mark Burnett
Visual Effects: Alt.VFX
Sound Studio: Bang Bang
Engineer: Sam Hopgood


De ja vu said:

reminds me of this but not as good


gangster said:

I like it, dope track and a gangster looking car.
Bring on the drive-bys

Late arriver said:

Like it. Looks like Holden's getting their house in order, finally.

Sorry To Be The Prick To Burst Your Bubble said:

Everybody who works in advertising is familiar with the process:

First a brief is whittled down from a pile of marketing data and development.

Then the brief has to be approved by the creative director.

Then the creative team or teams produce concepts, scripts and so on.

Then the recommended piece of work gets presented to account service.

Then the work gets presented to the client.

Then it goes through the various levels of the client management.

The script gets modified until it's eventually approved by the client

Then production companies and commercials directors are briefed, and one is eventually chosen.

A huge crew turn up at various locations and the script is filmed, edited, colour-graded, a sound track is added and out it goes.

And this is the piece of crap that comes out the other end, featuring a good number of angles on the exterior of the car but offering no particular proposition or benefit - beyond a vague 'attitude' more by courtesy of its cliched music track and 'style' than any actual content.

After all that, it could be for any similar car, including its competitors.

Missy said:

BS if you think you “arrive” in one of these average Jo SUVs.

Camry at least admitted to being average, which is where it wins by comparison: strategically.

Copycat execution, just with flashier production.

Slim said:

Before everybody gets carried away, read the U.S. Chev reviews.

Pootown said:


Ben said:

De ja vu - my immediate thoughts exactly.

@ Bubble bursting prick said:

All great if the car or brand in question has anything good or distinctive to say about it. If not (as I’m sure you surely must be aware) you just make something up and try and at least look desirable. Before you get all high and mighty with your ‘process' crap learn the basics and get to grips with shining shit (Its on page one of your “junior guide to advertising” handbook).

This is a good move forwards for Holden (after those dark ’nothing to prove prove it' days) plenty of attitude, simple to get and shows the cars off. Will work well.

qt3.14 said:

@@Bubble bursting prick

I thought that 'Nothing to prove? Prove it.' stuff was really good...hmph

Quiet admirer said:

Have had holdens most of my driving life 20 +years and had local built and imported holdens my most recent being a holden epica diesel sedan and it was much better built and reliable than local ones so this new 4wd holden i feel will be a huge hit looks good and what I've heard from people in the know its a great unit just like the new commodore it way surpasses the Australian built one for quality and finish. .the Acadia. ..i like it !!

@Quiet admirer said:

You are disqualified from comment on the grounds of total lack of objectivity.

You start from a position of being pre-disposed to the Holden brand.

Bubble Bursting Prick said:

@ Bubble bursting prick:

I pity your clients if you set the bar so low.

feels like... said:

car advertising

21 Jump Street said:

Would like their geeky kids with prom dates and doves scene back

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