Pedigree launches 'The Season of Good Dog' - an annual holiday just for dogs, part of a new global campaign via Colenso BBDO + BBDO New York

EFP1475_SOGD PR_Image_1_RET[3][2].jpgEvery nation on earth has an annual celebration to share with the ones they love. And finally, Pedigree have created the thing we've all been asking for, a festive holiday for dogs.
Introducing the Season of Good Dog, a global campaign celebrating the festive season through the eyes of our four-legged friends, developed by Colenso BBDO New Zealand and BBDO New York, and produced by FINCH.

The campaign is fronted by Good Dog, an innocent family dog with a healthy sense of self. In the lead film, he confidently explains his misguided account of the rituals and traditions of the holiday: a celebration of his arrival to his family on Christmas Day - with a tree for his love of sticks, baubles for his love of fetch and paper for his love of ripping.

EFP1475_SOGD PR_Image_2_RET[3][2].jpgThe film is supported by an album of holiday carols for dogs on Spotify, and a limited run of Season of Good Dog products, including paw shaped stockings, park and slipperEFP1475_SOGD PR_Image_3_RET[3][2].jpg scented wrapping paper, tug of war poppers, tennis baubles, singing greeting cards, and MistleSTIX, a twist on mistletoe that mandates owners to treat any dog that sits under it, all of which willEFP1475_SOGD PR_Image_4_RET[3][2].jpg be widely distributed in 2019.
Says Rafael Blanco, US brand manager, Mars Petcare: "The Pedigree DentaSTIX brand loves dogs, so why leave them out of the holiday fun? Our new "Season of Good Dog" campaign is an inclusive and joyous way for every dog to get the most out of the holiday season and to create opportunities for closeness between dogs and their owners. We can't wait to celebrate throughout the holiday season."
Says Dan Wright, executive creative director, Colenso BBDO New Zealand: "Dogs hold such a special place in our homes and our lives and it always felt strange to us that there wasn't a starring role for them in our holiday celebrations. We are so excited to share this work with the world, and give our dogs the celebration they deserve."
Pedigree Season of Good Dog is a global platform to be activated each year, creating an occasion for owners to celebrate the good dogs bring to their lives.
Happy Season of Good Dog

Client: MARS Petcare US
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Production company: FINCH
Post Production: Blackbird
Editorial House: The Editors
Music & Sound: Liquid Studios


Mills said:

Is it weird that this made me a little teary? "Trees for my love of sticks" is funny too

? said:

no credits?

Lame said:

I expected better from these two agencies.

Brilliant said:

This is so so good. I had a cheesy grin through the entire thing. This kind of stuff makes me love ads.

Credit said:

Who directed it?

Feeling festive said:

Just played my dog and kids the carols. So good.

Santa said:

Woof woof... brilliant!!

Dog lover said:

PLEASE don't give dogs as Christmas presents. EVER. Most of these dogs end up in shelters 5 mths later. Pedigree I cannot believe you built a whole campaign around such a terrible practice.

@dog lover said:

Did you miss the part where the dog comes from a rescue shelter themselves? Choosing a rescue dog significantly reduces the chances of them ending up back in a shelter. So, you know, back in your lane.

Sorry, not sorry said:

This brand claims 'We're for dogs' they have a brand responsibility. And your arguments a long f8&king bow. Dogs as Christmas gifts are a bad idea. They are a 15 year commitment and one that should be considered at length. Not given as a cute puppy at Christmas.

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